What’s wrong with menstruation without pregnancy?



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Recently, I often received some female consultations: "Doctor Wu, I have no pregnancy, but I have not been menstruation for several months. What is going on?" There are many women who have the same trouble. So what causes menopause?

Modern medicine divides menopause into two types: primary and secondary. The primary menopause refers to 18 years old, and there are no menstrual flow. Common causes are congenital anatomical abnormalities, chromosomal abnormalities, endocrine disorders, and malnutrition.Secondary menopause refers to menstruation, but three cycles of menopause are caused by a certain factors.

What are the causes of menstruation?

Causes of menstruation: Common causes are systemic diseases, such as anemia, nephritis, tuberculosis, endocrine disorders, ovarian abnormalities, sequelae of artificial abortion surgery, etc. Traditional Chinese medicine believes that the cause of menopause is diversified, such as blood loss, multiple production, Fangwu, overwhelming, depression, feeling cold and dampness.Its syndrome differentiation can be divided into two categories of "virtual and real".

"Deficiency syndrome" is mostly inadequate yin and blood, even exhausted, blood and empty deficiency, and no blood can be reduced. It is mainly caused by insufficient qi and blood and kidney deficiency. The treatment is mainly to replenish the spleen and kidney.Come, the "empirical" menopause is mainly due to real evil resistance, the pulse is not connected, and menstrual blood cannot be caused by the decline.

The most common reasons are Qi stagnation, blood stasis, phlegm dampness, and cold and dampness. Patients often feel that menstruation is not coming, and lower abdomen pain, bloating, and backache.The cause of irregular menstruation can be analyzed from the following six aspects:

1. Pregnancy

Female menstrual delay in sexual life must first consider whether it is pregnancy. After menstruation delayed 7 days, you can use the "Premature Test Fit" to test the urine. If you are positive, you are likely to get pregnant.Negative is opposite.

2. Caused by surgery

For example, cervical adhesion caused by uterine cavity surgery caused meridian blood stasis, which delayed menstruation.

3. Mental factors

Big mental stress is another common cause of amenorrhea.Such as major mental stimulation, excessive pressure, excessive fatigue, and changes in the living environment can cause menstrual delay or amenorrhea.As long as the pressure is eliminated, menstruation will appear again.

4, malnutrition

Women with malnutrition or too low weight will have amenorrhea (delayed menstruation).For women with abnormal diet, amenorrhea (delayed menstruation) is even more common.Such as weight loss and dieting cause internal code disorders, insufficient endometrial hyperplasia, and delay of menstruation.

5. Take medicine

Urban contraceptives suddenly stopped medicine, especially oral long -acting contraceptives, and menstrual disorders will occur.There are also some systemic diseases and oral drugs that can also affect menstruation.

6. Calm cool

Many urban girls also eat ice cream in the cold winter.And the fashionable fashion is thin, exposing the ankle outside, resulting in the coldness of the cold, causing the menstruation to not come for a few months, or the amount is very small.

What are the symptoms often accompanied by menstruation?

1. In terms of blood circulation: The face suddenly became red, and it faded in a few seconds.Also accompanied by palpitations, night sweats, etc.;

2. In terms of spirit: Emotional instability, anxiety, suspicious, insomnia, depression, etc.

3. Menstruation: First, the menstrual period becomes very irregular, the amount of menstruation will become a lot or less, and finally menopause will be discontinued.Of course, this is the main comparison of the symptoms of menstruation;

4. In terms of skin: Skin changes are also symptoms of menstruation.Decreased subcutaneous tissue and moisture, dry and thin, losing luster.The vaginal epidermis also atrophic caused degenerative vaginitis, and vaginal itching, tingling, and pain of life pain occurred.The urethral epidermis also shrinks, causing aseptic urethritis, frequent urination, and urinary incontinence;

5. Other aspects: there are other aspects of symptoms that do not come from menstruation, such as dizziness, headache, neck acid shoulder pain, and back pain.

What are the hazards of menstruation?

Many women think that menstruation can not save a lot of trouble.However, the dangers of menstruation cannot be ignored.Because menstruation is a normal physiological activity of women, if there is a problem with this activity, it often shows that women’s bodies have certain problems.

As long as the hazards of menstruation are not the disease that causes problems.The cause may be organic lesions or dysfunction.Many systemic diseases such as hematology, hypertension, liver disease, endocrine disease, abortion, ectopic pregnancy, genital tract infections, tumors (such as ovarian tumors, uterine fibroids) can cause irregular menstruation.

Women should correctly look at the dangers of menstruation.Menstruation is not just a symptom. The treatment of irregularities should be found first.All aspects of the reproductive endocrine axis must be in a normal state, and there is a problem with any links, so the level of hormone levels corresponding to it will change.Therefore, women with irregular menstruation must check hormone levels and ovarian function.

Therefore, women should correctly treat the harm of menstruation correctly and carry out corresponding improvement measures in a timely manner.

What examinations do I need to do?


(1) Hysteroscopic examination: Understand the depth, width, and shape of the official cavity, whether there are abnormalities, whether there is adhesion, and whether there is a pathological change in the endometrial examination;

(2) Laparoscopic examination: Looking at the appearance of the uterus and sex glands, except for congenital development abnormalities, the ovary biopsy if necessary;

(3) iodine oil of uterine axles: Understand the shape of the uterine cavity, whether there is abnormally deformed, whether the fallopian tube is unobstructed, except for tuberculosis;

(4) Drug test examination: progesterone and estrogen tests, observe whether there is any response in the endometrium.

Ovarian function test

(1) Vaginal mucus crystal examination: Understand the level of estrogen;

(2) Cervical mucosocrystalline examination: Understand the level of estrogen and the impact of whether there is no gestational hormone;

(3) Basic body temperature measurement: Understand whether there is ovulation and luteal function;

(4) Precision measurement of estrogen hormones: Understand ovarian function.

Pituitary function test

(1) Measure the content of PSH and LH in the blood: If it is higher than the normal level, it indicates that the ovarian function is low; if it is lower than the normal level, the pituitary function or the higher the center of the center is low.

(2) Pyltomy exciter test: Generally, 15-30 minutes after medication, the LH value is higher than 2-4 times before the medication. It is good pituitary function. If it does not increase or increases, it rarely indicates that the disease may be in the pituitary body.

(3) Blood Relating Line (PRL) determination: If PRL <50ug/ml, you should further perform PRL. Excited or suppress test to identify the increase in functional secretion of PRL and pituitary adenoma.

(4) Dipping saddling X -ray, ding, nuclear magnetic resonance, etc.: to remove pituitary tumors.


External development abnormalities.

How to treat traditional Chinese medicine delay?

Traditional Chinese medicine believes that the main reason for menstrual delay is cold condensation, blood stasis, and irregularity, so traditional Chinese medicine has different conditioning methods according to the different constitutions of women.

1. Cold Ning.It shows that the pulse is thin, the tongue is fat and tender, chills, especially the limbs.The menstrual volume is not large, and long dysmenorrhea can be relieved by covering the belly with hot water.Some girls eat cold drinks.Traditional Chinese medicine treatment is mainly warming the cold.Representative prescriptions are Angelica Sini Soup.Groups: Angelica, Bai Zhi, Guizhi, Licorice, Mu Tong (those who do not use kidney function), ascetic, jujube (profile), ginger, 5 tablets, 5 doses for one course, one dose per day is in one dose, one dose is in one dose in a dose in the dose per dayIt is estimated that it will be taken 7 days before menstruation.

2. Blood stasis.The main manifestations are acupuncture -like pain, unbearable, small menstrual volume, black color, and some have some learning blocks.The delayed time is long, and the type of this type is easy to cause amenorrhea.TCM treatment is mainly based on promoting blood circulation.Representative: Tao Hong Siwu Decoction.Groups: Peach Ren, safflower, angelica, Chuanxiong, raw land, red peony, Ai leaf, 5 doses are a course of treatment. Do not take it during menstruation.

3. Irregular Ren Chong.It can be manifested as a light menstrual color, small quantity, a few for insomnia, many dreams, and rarely dysmenorrhea. It is also irregular in the initial menstrual tide or menstrual disorders during menstruation or menstruation during menopause.Traditional Chinese medicine treatment is mainly reconciled Ren Chong.The representative prescription is Guifali Decoction.Square: Atractylodes, Codonopsis, Astragalus, Angelica, Licorice, Poria, Yuanzhi, Sour Jujube, Mu Xiang, Chengpi, (5 Gangs 10g, 5 dates (section), ginger 5 tablets), 7 doses are one in one doseDo not take it during menstruation.

For women who need to be used by the patient’s personal physical syndrome, and women who do not have symptoms of menstruation can go to a professional hospital for treatment.

How to regulate and prevent menstruation?

1. Successful sleep.There is a way: "Women are based on blood and liver as the innate". Raising liver and blood is very important for women.Liver blood is insufficient, the amount of menstruation is easy to become less, and the skin is easy to rough, dark, spots, and acne.Many women want to know what the most nourishing liver and blood. In fact, the most nourishing liver blood is not food, but sleep.At the latest, you must fall asleep before 11 pm to nourish liver blood.

2. Adjust the mentality.Adjust your mentality.Sometimes psychological stress can cause abnormal menstruation.Negative emotions such as frustration and stress will cause abnormal menstruation, so female friends must adjust their mentality and maintain a good mentality.

3. Eat more foods containing iron and nourishing.Eat more foods containing iron and nourishing.Add enough iron to avoid iron deficiency anemia.Eat more black bone chicken, mutton, caviar, green shrimp, pair of shrimp, pork lamb kidney, light vegetables, black beans, sea cucumbers, walnuts and other nourishing foods.

4. Don’t be too tired.It is best not to let yourself be too tired.Excessive physical exhaustion will affect the function of the body organs and also affect metabolism.During menstruation of female friends, it is best to maintain a leisure life and relax the fatigue.


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