What’s wrong with pregnancy, abortion, and current high school students

Sex, in the eyes of most Chinese people, has always been difficult to open up, but in recent years, the news of high school students’ pregnancy and abortion has frequently revealed that it is not uncommon.According to relevant statistics, there are about 13 million girls abortion each year in my country, and more than half of them are less than 20 years old, and even some girls have performed two continuous operations in a few months.

Some hospitals in the hospital revealed that students who come to the flow of people are mostly between 16 and 22 years old, 50%are high school students, and there are some students in the sophomore, and even junior high school students. Sometimes a week of medical recordsThere are 5 to 6 girls under the age of 20.

Summer vacation came to test pregnancy at the age of 16. On the age of the medical record card, it was 16 years old.

At the age of 12, the girl in the second grade gave birth to a baby, and the child’s father was in the third grade.

19 -year -old female college students have three abortion: have occurred in high school 2 times since the second year of high school.

These are not stories, but the facts reported.It can’t help but feel that there is something wrong with which link.

Why do girls’ abortion reports report on the news?It is because our adults are always difficult to open up, and puberty is a stage of rapid development. Advertising advertisements on the streets and alleys are unsightly. The developed Internet makes yellow books, audio and video, etc.At the same time of the rapid development of the lens, while the psychological and physiological development is rapid, the physiological education of our school and the family has not kept up.It does not understand the harm of people to the human body, which leads to the tragedy of this scene.

1. It is easy to cause endocrine disorders. After pregnancy, female lutein secretion increases, endometrium thickening, increased breasts, and sudden changes in endocrine after abortion.Causes endocrine disorders and causes irregular menstruation.

2. Cause damage in the uterus. When women’s abortion, if the doctor operates properly, it may cause damage to the uterine tissue of the subject, which will cause problems such as cervical or uterine cavity adhesion, cervical tear, and even uterine perforation.It can even endanger women’s lives.

3. Temperature and infection, especially for unmarried female women’s cervical pipes, the cervical pipes have not disappeared, the cervix is long and tight. During the implementation of artificial abortion surgery, the cervix mouth is painful than the female that has been born.Essence

4. Anesthesia is risky. If women do not notice the painless abortion of regular abortion hospitals, the risk of anesthesia can occur due to the limitations of some small clinics.

5. Increasing the risk of ectopic pregnancy, nearly 1 % accompaniment infection after artificial abortion, infection will bring endometrial and fallopian tube inflammation, and endometrium and fallopian tube inflammation are important causes of atomic pregnancy.

6, cause uterine bleeding, painless abortion surgery bleeding is more than 30ml.If the flow of people is improper, it is easy to increase the amount of bleeding and cause feminine anemia.

7. The natural abortion rate increases, and the common complications after artificial abortion are cervical damage. When pregnancy is re -pregnancy, premature or late abortion is caused by incomplete cervical mouth function.

8. Causes wounds in the mind. Abortion not only hurts the body, but also causes guilty and flesh because of harming your own flesh. Many times, you can’t face your future marriage and lover in the future.

Schools, parents, and society should actively guide, strengthen physiological and health education, and educate girls to actively take effective measures to avoid pregnancy, so that children have the correct understanding of sex, and do not pay a painful price for a moment of joy.

The reason why it is beautiful was because it was opened at the time. Do not pick the fruits of autumn in spring. Each stage of life is precious. Student days still have to be academic.

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