What’s wrong with pregnant women’s numb feet?Teach you 4 tricks and easily relieve

Pregnancy is a wonderful thing for women. The second child policy is relaxed. You hidden in your heart and regenerate an idea, which is inspired, so he discussed with your husband and regenerate one.Of course, you may be the first child, even more careful.You are finally pregnant. At that moment, you are ecstatic. Of course, there is a trace of tension. After all, in the next ten months, it is still very difficult.

When you are pregnant, you will find that there are some situations in your body. These situations are not expected. For example, numbness of hands and feet, there was no before, but now it appears.

During pregnancy, what happened to my hands and feet?

His hands and feet are still very common during pregnancy. Many pregnant women have panicked. In fact, you should pay attention.


When you are pregnant, your belly is getting bigger and bigger, and your body’s center of gravity is leaning forward. In order to maintain a balance, you will stand up your waist and back muscles, which will affect your arms, causing the hands of the hands, sourness, and sourness.

In the later period, the baby grows up day by day, and the uterus is oppressed, which will compress the pelvic cavity. The blood flow of the lower limbs is not smooth, and the flow of back will be blocked, which will cause feet to swell.

Sleeping posture

Sleep, you like your hands together, put on the side of your head, sleep on the side, wake up, you can numb your arms.For pregnant women, when sleeping, it may be pressed to the hands, causing hands, blood flow, and numbness.

Edema during pregnancy

Edema is faced during pregnancy.Especially in the third trimester, edema is more obvious, and some people will even increase weight by 20 pounds.Edema affects the blood lymph fluid, penetrates into the wrist, and the hand nerves are compressed and hand numb.

Calcium deficiency

During pregnancy, Baoma is prone to lack of calcium, and you eat very nutritious. However, the baby in the belly will absorb a lot. The baby’s bone development and the demand for calcium will increase. Many times, the calcium absorbed from food from food is not enough.The baby is drawn.Once Bao Ma lacks calcium, hands, feet, and low back pain will affect the baby’s growth.

Hand numbness and hemps during pregnancy are common. How to prevent it is better?

Calcium supplement

Since calcium deficiency can cause hand numbness and foot numbness, calcium supplementation is very important. During pregnancy, calcium supplementation is essential. Pregnant women can drink milk, can supplement calcium, and eat more foods for calcium.Soy products and so on.

Often walk around

Sitting for a long time will also affect hand numbness and foot mochi. Proper exercise can promote blood circulation and reduce hand numbness. Sticking to walk every day can promote qi and blood flow.

Take off high heels

If you love beauty, you have to take off high -heeled shoes. During pregnancy, wearing high heels will cause unstable center of gravity and easy to fall.Wearing high heels, the muscles are not good, and hands and feet are easy to sour.


During pregnancy, Baoma used the belt, and the use of the belly belt can reduce the pressure of the waist and back, which is also good for reducing the symptoms of acid anesthesia.

This is the description of hand numbness and hemps in pregnant women. Regarding the reasons and how to prevent it, I hope that everyone will pay more attention and scientific health can be healthier.

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