When 15 -year -old Cao Chengying became a bridesmaid, he fell in love with the groom Hu Shi.

Cao Chengying -passed by his world just to leave his footprint.

She is the first female professor in the domestic agricultural community. He is a well -known Chinese writer and philosopher in modern Chinese.

Since ancient times, literati have been passionate, and since the ancient times, the teenagers have flowed out of the wind.When he returned from studying abroad, he was so beautiful, and when he was looking forward to God, she brought a trace of deliberate eyebrows, and became a romantic and unpredictable and short -term love.

Young love is sincere, and you are the most likely to meet.

Li Yu, the master of the Southern Tang Dynasty, became a good story with his wife, even after the words of the parents of the parents, but also had to be accompanied by a confidant, so that there was a story of "laughing to Tan Lang".But it is just that the fireworks are rotten and fleeting …

At the time of Da Zhou, Li Yu still abandoned her, and Xiao Zhou, who was still a little girl who had met at the wedding of the Da Zhou post -wedding wedding.

A wedding is romance, an oath, a test, and a grand encounter.

She met him, in her 15, his 26.She is Cao Chengying, and he is called Hu Shi.He is a groom, she is a bridesmaid.At that time, Hu Shi just returned from studying abroad, and his eyebrows were full of English.The 13 -year foreign research has made their demeanor and insights different from ordinary people.

This time, Hu Shi came to marry his wife who had been waiting for 13 years, Jiang Dongxiu.If Hu Shi is a wall, Jiang Dongxiu is a red apricot in that wall, waiting for a long time.In 13 years, what exactly is Hu Shi’s love?

In fact, Hu Shi has long been foreseeable. As an emerging young man, he is tired of the world. He also expects that his love is Lang’s love, and he is as happy as all dreams.

Jiang Dongxiu is the daughter of the Jiang family. The Jiang family has a prosperous family business and a steam.And the Hu family of Hu Shi 13 years ago, Hu Shi’s father had passed, and the family fell, and he raised Hu Shi from his mother.

At a banquet 13 years ago, between the two wives, the marriage of the two children was settled.Between Jiang Dongxiu and Hu Shi’s marriage, Cao Chengying became their bridesmaid as a cousin.

In 13 years, Hu Shi also often sent books to Jiang Dongxiu.From the perspective of Hu Shi, who is still young, love is like poetry, simple and beautiful.In the poem, he expressed his emotions with romantic pens, and Jiang Dongxiu could not fully understand the deep meaning in the poem.

In December 1917, at the wedding, Hu Shi, who was in a suit leather, saw his wife as expected. Jiang Dongxiu wore a flower jacket and lowered his head.On the side, Cao Chengying was so pure, but his tender face was afraid.

Jiang Dongxiu and Cao Chengying are two completely different women.Jiang Dongxiu grew up in Shang Jia’s family since he was a child. He has his own wisdom, but has nothing to do with poetry and songs.The growth of Cao Chengying is his mother, carefully creating the road. Cao Chengying has become a strong and generous, and she sent everyone’s ladylike style.

Hu Shi noticed this woman at a glance. At a glance, she would not make her lifetime, but let her become his flower in the water mirror in his water.This winter, after all, it broke the cold silence.

The west by the painting building is gentle.

Cao Chengying is a smart woman, but a smart woman often mistakenly enters the affectionate cliff.Cao Chengying ushered in the initial throbbing of her life at the age of 15.

But she also understands that she is not too much.Hu Shi is already the husband of his cousin, and he is still a lady who is waiting for the girlfriend.

Cao Chengying slowly washed and her emotions slowly in time. In 1919, she stepped into her marriage like Hu Shi.Similarly, it has nothing to do with the wind and moon, and it has nothing to do with love. This is the shooting of parents in the two families.

Cao Chengying’s first husband, called Hu Guanying, was strange.Cao Chengying’s mind was reflected in the name of her husband.Hu Guanying linked Cao Chengying’s name with Hu Shi, as if it was doomed in the underworld, and romantic floated on it.

It stands to reason that the two who have been married should have lost contact, but the fate is secretly, and a red line is connected to the two.Cao Chengying’s marriage to his brother Cao Chengke was very dissatisfied, and Cheng Ying himself did not nostalgic and marriage.

With the encouragement of his brother, Cao Chengying decided to take his own path.Want to stop Chengying is also a very courageous woman. At that time, the society was always innovative everywhere, and how many people could truly break through the restraint. She could.

She went to Hangzhou and continued to complete her studies.Although her husband Hu Guanying also came to Hangzhou, the marriage status of the two has always been awkward.How can a awake girl spend her lives like this.

Not to mention that the mother -in -law’s family made a disorder. In 1922, the mother -in -law who decided to get married at the beginning changed her face to the sun, and was Hu Guanying’s next little concubine.The reason why her mother -in -law was so was because Cao Chengying and Hu Guanying had been married for three years, but they did not have the next child.

The feudal oppression was forced by step, so that Cao Chengying, who was still youthful, couldn’t breathe.In the same year, she divorced her husband.

On the other side, Hu Shi, who has lived together for 5 years, has been living together for 5 years, and has given birth to a son.At this time, Hu Shi came to Hangzhou to raise illness due to illness.

Once in Hangzhou, it became an unforgettable past.

Jiang Dongxiu has always taken care of Hu Shi at home. Suddenly Hu Shi left himself, and Jiang Dongxiu wrote a letter to his cousin Cao Chengying in Hangzhou.A letter, but Hongyan passed the book, but the fish passed the ruler, and in Jiang Dongxiu, it was a bomb that she was destroyed by her marriage.

The machine is as sincere, but it is difficult to escape the calamity of love.When she heard Hu Shi, who was secretly happy in Hangzhou, she panicked.I love has never been hidden, not to mention that now I have the opportunity to complain to it.

Hu Shi and Cao Chengying, one has been a husband and one has become a wife.From a secular perspective, the two will not have a further relationship anyway.But when the emotions were separated from the vulgar world, just on the rippling West Lake, the two had no so -called taboos.

In fact, why literati are passionate, the literati’s mind is too vast, and what they see is often different from ordinary people.They will find that there are too many confidantes and too many spiritual resonances, which are refined in their opinion.

Hu Shi and Cao Chengying spent a complete three months in Hangzhou. The two appreciated poetry and songs, walking in the next month to play together.He called her to be Juanjuan, and she called him to be Mi.Life is so, in their opinion.

In these three months, Cao Chengying became pregnant.What is love, Cao Chengying married Hu Guanying. For three years, he could not have given birth to it.With only three months with Hu Shi, she has the crystallization of love.

The new youth in the new era has been changing, which has caused too many young people to lose, so that they urgently discard everything of the old to welcome the new arrival.

Hu Shi is such a young man. He is based on the literati’s bones and the heart of filial piety. He accepted an arranged marriage. This marriage originally laughed for the world. So Hu Shi wanted to tear off this layer of skin. BesidesHis mother had passed away.

There are too many helplessness in this world, which stems from thirst.

Hu Shi made up his mind to split with everything in the past.He returned to Beijing and stood outside the door, a lingering spirit.He said, informing the fact that Jiang Dongxiu was going to divorce at home.

A woman who has been persecuted, what choices will they choose?In order to maintain his marriage, Jiang Dongxiu rushed into the kitchen and picked up the knife, and took the children of the two, roared towards Hu Shi, and divorced it. I killed him first and then killed himself.

Hu Shi, who was rolling in the new wave, was dumbfounded. Where did he dare to make a joke with his reputation.He accepted the anger, soothed his wife who lived at home for a long time, and returned to the family.

As Cao Chengying expected, when Hu Shi decided to go to Beijing for the future of the two, she expected that it might be their farewell.Cao Chengying was alone and hit the child in his belly.

It has nothing to do with Fengyue and love, just for her spirit.If you abandon me and cast me, I will disregard the worldly abuse and run towards you.But if you can’t, I don’t leave anything for this.

After divorce, Hu Shi no longer contacted Cao Chengying in a short time.And Cao Chengying also wrote a letter, trying to do the last farewell with Hu Shi. She said in the letter that my dear Me, I couldn’t speak like this again.

Qing Ben’s Beauty, but nothing.Destiny made Hu Shi, a messenger, married Jiang Dongxiu as his wife, but also a line of fate made a wrong line, letting the two meet, leaning, missing.

Hu Shi loves Cao Chengying deeply, otherwise how dare to abandon the secular eyes and boldly propose divorce.Cao Chengying is also brave enough, but drinks full of water, just.

Cao Chengying, who left Hu Shi, began to try to forget the memories slowly.She also began to find another place. She was fortunate to end with the son of Zeng’s family.In a blink of an eye, even when talking about marriage and marriage, everything was not smooth.

Hu Shi and Cao Chengying created this divorce farce, and Jiang Dongxiu remembered that she could not relieve this pain and determined to retaliate.Before the Zeng family was about to engage with the Cao family, Jiang Dongxiu told Cao Chengying’s past secret to inform the Zeng family, and Cao Chengying’s marriage was blown.

In this extramarital affairs, Cao Chengying always played the image of an infatuator.She is like a cloud, floating, floating, without emotional colors, at least these emotions are not known for outsiders.

How many people can always look back and look back, and suddenly feel that they have experienced a unforgettable love.An unforgettable love, just after experiencing, is moving enough.

In 1934, for decades, the distance of the former lover had been opened.It seems to just think of it occasionally, and occasionally miss.Cao Chengying, who has spent ten years in the celibate, no longer has too much emotional entanglement.She looks like Daiyu. She believes that the weak water is three thousand, and she only takes the infatuation of a scoop.

Forgotten, but infatuation is true.Cao Chengying’s infatuation is more reflected in her academic.There are always women who are injured, so they have been stunned and placed in the state of sadness.Cao Chengying, the woman, continued love in another form.

In 1934, Cao Chengying, a freshman at Cornell University, entered the Agricultural College to study in cytology.When it comes to Cornell University, one person has also spent his youth here and completed his studies. This person is Hu Shi.

When Hu Shi heard that his lover was going to study in his alma mater, what kind of waves would he appear in his heart?Presumably, he likes their emotions, and he still likes his lover to feel his breath again where he stays.

Hu Shihi was a girlfriend, Miss Weilian Si, who was also studying at Cornell University.Weilian and Hu Shi are the best partners in spirit, and they are also women who have never been in love with Hu Shi.Hu Shi asked Weilian Si to help him take care of Cao Chengying.Of course, in the name of your brother -in -law.

There is a lover, so I am scattered in the wind.In the world, so many people in the world, no one can enter Cao Chengying’s heart anymore, can let her give up everything again and return to the right track.

Unfortunately, the lovers who are affectionate, one has a wife and son for a long time, and there are many spiritual exchanges of confidantes to talk to comfort for the rest of their lives.And another person greeted the sadness with hope, and walked over in the quiet.

During the three years of Cao Chengying at Cornell University, her personality became fading, and she put her focus on research.The woman who is frustrated by love, longing for Guoan Kang, eager to learn by themselves, may be beneficial to the country.

The ridiculous thing is that everything always comes.Three years later, Cao Chengying, who returned to China to prepare for his skills, was defeated by the chaos and disorder of the real society.Some people, some things, the collapse is always for a moment.

Xu has been bumpy for many years, and she basically has not found someone to cry.We always say that women are weak, and they are mothers.In Cao Chengying’s story, no matter when, she always keeps her rational reservation.

But at this time, she could no longer accept that she was more than 30 years old, but nothing was done.His last persistence in love was also fluttering in the wind and rain, and Hongchen was always chaotic. Cao Chengying decided to enter the empty door, but maybe it was not determined.In the easier, Cao Chengying was discouraged by his friends.

Just like everyone’s life journey, Cao Chengying followed the laws of nature and grows naturally.But in the following years, she has always enjoyed a life of one person.Until the age of the age, Hu Shi and Cao Chengying met again.

For decades, the wind and rain fluttering, he is no longer a handsome young boy who was full of heroic spirit, and she is no longer a pure female student who is flowing.They repeated the restaurant again, but the gossip was usually, and if he never had this experience.

Cao Chengying quietly brought foreign currencies to Hu Shi at a reception.It was discovered that Cao Chengying’s life had only three months of Hu Shi, but she had exhausted her life to complete this person’s love epic.beside……

Coincidentally, I do n’t want to be born in the same month, but I want to be in the same time as you are in the world.Cao Chengying, a romantic poetic woman.

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