When a woman comes to the holiday, a blood clot is suddenly flowing out. Is it going on?After reading the raising knowledge

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Women’s bodies are relatively fragile and relatively sensitive. They are prone to infection with gynecological inflammation. This phenomenon can be reflected through menstruation.At the same time, when there is a problem with the uterus and ovaries, menstruation will become abnormal.As we all know, the health of the uterus and ovaries is related to the fertility of a woman.When a girl is 16 or seventeen years old, there is no early menstrual tide, which means that fertility is affected.

Usually we can understand other issues of gynecological health by observing changes in menstruation.If you find that there are some abnormal signals every time you have menstruation, you should consult earlier.The doctor found the reason for the concurrency.In addition to blood tissue, there are some cell tissues in the menstrual blood excreted every month, such as fragmented tissue tissue, cervical mucus, and pendant epithelium tissue cells, which will affect women’s menstrual blood bands.

Most girls have experienced it. Every time I have a menstruation, there will be a lot of blood clots. Every time I see these blood clots, female friends will become particularly nervous. Worried about whether there is something wrong with their uterus?


When a woman comes to the holiday, a blood clot is suddenly flowing out. Is it going on?After reading the raising knowledge

1. The body is cold

The elderly in the family often remind young girls that when menstruation, they cannot touch cold water or eat cold things. They must pay attention to dress warmly.When girls do not pay attention to reducing contact with cold objects in their own physiological period, it is easy to cause the entire body to run.The acceleration of uterine contraction is easy to bring pain, which is what we often call dysmenorrhea.At the same time, because the qi and blood are not running smoothly, a large amount of menstrual blood will be accumulated in the uterus.If the blood clot is accumulated, there will be blood clots in the blood.

In order to avoid this phenomenon, girls must not eat raw cold food during menstruation and do not contact cold water to avoid the impact of the uterine cold on menstruation.At the same time, pay attention to the warmth of the body, and try not to expose the navel or the back of the waist.

2. Body inflammation

Infected gynecological inflammation is already some problems that female friends often occur.When observing changes in menstruation, you can detect how female friends have gynecological health.If the menstruation is delayed or delayed and the menstrual blood color is abnormal, it is accompanied by many blood clots, which may be affected by cervical erosion.Among various gynecological diseases, cervical erosion is a relatively common gynecological disease. In addition to the blood clump in the blood, the most obvious feature is the pain of the abdomen.

3. Endocrine disorders

Female friends are now under tremendous pressure in family and society. In addition to working hard in the workplace, they also have to teach their children. The physical fitness is also declining. Because of the often staying up late to work overtime, there are many situations of endocrine disorders.The endocrine condition of the body will affect menstruation.The body is too tired, and lack of sleep is an important factor that causes blood clots in the blood.Once the endocrine disorders occur, you must pay attention to conditioning the body, not too tired.

4. Uterine disease

Women’s pregnancy and children need to be carried out in the uterus, which is the place where a small life is born.This is an important reproductive system for women.If the uterine disease or inflammatory lesions are first reflected in menstruation. At this time, the menstrual flow will increase. When the menstrual blood is discharged, there are still many blood clots flowing out, and the pungent smell will be emitted.Female friends can observe whether the menstrual periods are accompanied by the pungent smell of menstrual blood in their menstrual period.If this happens, most of the uterus is lesions.


What are the aspects of female friends conditioning menstruation?

1. Keep positive and optimistic state

If you often move dry and angry, these negative emotions will lead to menstruation and dysmenorrhea.A person’s emotions will affect the hormone level regulation in the entire body, bad emotions can cause estrogen imbalance, and menstruation becomes abnormal.The problem of female friends in conditioning menstruation must first pay attention to regulating their own mentality.Normally try not to be boring for some small things, maintain a good attitude, and active and optimistic every day is an important magic weapon for gynecological health.

2. Ensure the nutritional balance of food

Female friends have always regarded weight loss as a task to complete their lifetime.And this task will follow female friends’ life.Regardless of the management of the figure, no matter the young girl or the age of women, there is a obsession.The most effective way to control the most effective way is to control the diet.For example, do not eat at night or use the method of not eating at noon, and some girls choose to eat only water to cook vegetables.

These methods will cause the entire body’s nutritional losses. When the body does not get nutritional supply, a large amount of protein in the body will cause anemia to cause anemia.Then there will be menstrual problems, such as amenorrhea in advance and less menstruation.The gynecological health directly affects women, so I want to regulate menstruation.You usually eat well and ensure the nutritional balance of each meal.

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