When a woman continues to appear these five features, it may be reminding you that you are pregnant with your baby!

Once a woman is successful, the hormone in the body will change, and then there are some manifestations of the body’s body, or the symptoms of discomfort, that is, the early pregnancy reaction.Each person’s constitution is different, so early pregnancy reactions may also be different. These symptoms occur early and late, and early pregnancy reactions generally last for 3 months.But some women who are preparing for pregnancy do not know much about early pregnancy reactions, so when women continue to appear the following 5 features, they may be reminding you to conceive your baby!

1. Men stop menstruation

This is one of the most noticed signs of pregnancy. During the pregnancy, a woman is pregnant if the menstrual cycle exceeds two weeks, and it is considered pregnant, but it is not that menstruation must be pregnant.It may also be because some people’s menstrual cycle is abnormal, which causes delayed menstruation. Therefore, when I suspect that they are pregnant, it is best to use pregnancy test and test. Don’t be happy.

2. Increase leucorrhea

After a woman’s pregnancy, as hormones in the body change, the number of vaginal secretions in women will increase. As the increase of the secretions in the gestational week will not only increase, but also become thick.Of course, it is not to say that the increase in leucorrhea must be pregnant. When gynecological inflammation occurs, there may also be symptoms of leucorrhea.

3. The breasts become larger and sensitive

During a period of time, women’s breasts suddenly felt soreness and sensitivity, and they were also one of the early signals of pregnancy.This is also caused by the improvement of hormone levels in the body.The tenderness of this breast is similar to the feeling before menstrual period, but it will be more painful. This pain will continue until 3 months of pregnancy. When the body adapts to the change of Halmont, it will beA significant improvement.

4. The feeling of nausea and vomiting

In the early stages of pregnancy, women generally have symptoms of pregnancy. Especially after getting up in the morning or before going to bed at night, the symptoms of pregnancy will be more severe, but the pregnancy vomiting will vary from person to person.It is normal phenomenon in the early stages of pregnancy, but if the symptoms of pregnant women’s pregnancy are too serious, they can go to the hospital for examination. When pregnant women enter the middle of pregnancy, the symptoms of pregnancy will slowly reduce the symptoms of pregnancy.

5. Taste changes

When some pregnant women find that their tastes change, they need to consider whether they are pregnant.For example, what I usually like to eat suddenly becomes not like to eat, and I don’t even want to eat it directly.Or someone likes to eat sweet things before, but recently suddenly changed, like to eat sour things. The change of this taste needs to consider whether you are pregnant.This symptom is generally half a month or a month.

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