When cats are pregnant, precautions for diet, shovel officers must pay attention to

Cats accidentally get pregnant. What should the shoveling officers feed the cats to eat?What can cats get pregnant and not to eat?Be sure to pay attention to this issue, let’s take a look at the editor below!

1. goat milk powder

Cats can eat goat milk powder during pregnancy, so that cats can drink richer milk after giving birth to cubs.

2. Fish soup and chicken breasts

Fish soup and chicken breasts are rich in nutrients. They usually give it some properly, and they can also have richer cubs who feed them.

3. What is taurine and folic acid ingredients

Cats are usually allowed to eat things containing taurine and folic acid. The composition of taurine can help cats grow, which has a very important role in myocardial, immune, and nerve function.

If the female cat lacks taurine will cause the fetus to die in the fetus, and the ingredients of folic acid can prevent the fetus from congenital nerve deformity.Therefore, be sure to feed some taurine and folic acid components during pregnancy. These two are indispensable.

4. Supplement vitamin things

Let the pregnant cats supplement vitamins, such as eating carrots, pumpkin and other fruits and vegetables, and other calcium and protein, and frozen -dried, nutritious cream, etc. can supplement nutrition and promote the development and growth of the fetus.

5. Pregnant cat food

Cats do not eat some additives, food seductives and other additives during pregnancy.

1. Do not eat bones and spines, because it is easy to break and the section is very sharp. It is likely that the cat will break the stomach after eating, leading to bleeding, and more seriously causing miscarriage.

2. Do not eat raw meat, there are parasites in raw meat.

3. Do not eat too ice food, which will make the cat’s stomach bad, and it will seriously lead to diarrhea.

4. Do not drink milk, because cats are not resistant to lactose in milk.

In addition to the things that can’t be eaten, the shoveling officer usually takes the cat to expose the sun more, but also to do exercise, not to say that it is particularly intense exercise. It can be played with it, play games, and take it for a walk. This can make the fetus betterGrowth.

Conclusion: What do your cat eat when you are pregnant?

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