When did the fetal movement start?How many weeks of pregnancy will children punch?

After pregnancy, the mother is very interested in everything about the child.The belly is growing day by day, and the child is getting bigger and bigger, and the slow fetal movement will also appear.In the early days, many pregnant women valued their children’s fetal movements and liked to listen to the sound of fetal movements.Watching his child is active in his stomach, he will be abnormal to realize the happy moment of being a mother.So, when does the fetal movement start?How many weeks of pregnancy will children punch?

When will fetal movement start?

Observing the fetal movement of early pregnancy is conducive to estimation of the pre -pregnancy situation.According to reports, at 7 weeks of pregnancy, the abortion rate of fetal movements was only 3%; the abortion rate of non -fetal movement could be as high as 98%.The case of fetal movement cannot be seen at 9 weeks of pregnancy, and all of them are inevitable. When they see the fetal movement, there will be a threatened abortion in the real time, and about 90%of the fetus may not have a miscarriage.

For women who are pregnant for the first time, when they are eager to know, they can feel the life in the belly exactly, which makes all pregnant women very satisfied.Do you know when the fetal movement starts?After 4 months of pregnancy, the mother can obviously feel fetal movement from the fifth month. The fetus reached out, kicks, and impacts the uterine wall in the uterus. This is fetal movement.The number of fetal movements, fast and slow weakness, etc. indicate the safety of the fetus.Normally obvious fetal movement, no less than 3-5 times.The number of obvious fetal movements in 12 hours is more than 30 to 40 times.

How many weeks of pregnancy will you punch?

Generally, the power of the fetus will be relatively strong after 24 weeks of pregnancy. At this time, it is easy to have a punch and kick, but the feeling of specific fetal movement varies from person to person.In addition, changes in the position of the fetus in the uterus will also affect the feeling of fetal movement.Therefore, although I feel that the fetal movement is normal at 24 weeks of pregnancy, I don’t need to worry too much even if I don’t feel obvious fetal movement.Some babies will not have obvious fetal movements due to the effects of location.

At 16 weeks of pregnancy, the fetus will have intact tactile and taste. The 18 weeks of the fetus has responded to light. At 20 weeks, the fetus develops hearing. At this time, the fetus has the ability to dream, memory and thinking.In other words, in addition to physiological development and growth, the soul and spirit of the fetus have begun to brew and cultivate before production.Therefore, expectant mothers who are preparing to be prenatal education can start from 16 weeks.

After the child arrives at a certain month, the body organs will still change.Different monthly presence is different, reflecting the child’s physical development is also very different.The physical condition of each pregnant mother is different, so the perception of fetal movement will be different. Therefore, when there are different situations, do not panic. Do a good job of physical examination on time. It is a health guarantee for the body and the body of the pregnant woman.

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