When doing gynecological examinations, what women are most suitable for "Yin Super"?Is it going to affect the fetus?

With the advancement of modern society, people’s health awareness has gradually improved, and regular inspections are actually an important way to ensure our health. It can not only help us understand our bodies, but also as soon as possible.Discover some physical problems and solve the health as soon as possible to avoid affecting the health of the body.

In this regard, women often pay more attention to more than men. Many women will regularly do gynecological examinations to help them discover physical problems. When doing gynecological examinations, many people may compare a check -up project.Suspicious, this is Yin Chao, what physical problems can it help women find?What women are most suitable for doing?If you are pregnant, do you have an impact on the fetus?

What help can Yin Chao bring to women?

Compared with the general abdomen B -ultrasound, Yin Chao can actually better observe the problems of women’s special parts, can more accurately discover the health problems of the uterus, and some ovarian problems. At the same time, it is also the most suitable for helping women.The method of testing the ovulation period is very high, and it is also a way to check the accuracy of women’s pregnancy. For some incorrect pregnancy, such as the situation of ectopic pregnancy, its examination accuracy is also very high, which can help women can help womenTo understand the physical condition more accurately and find some physical problems.

What women are most suitable for yin super?

Regarding this aspect, except for women in the menstrual period, they need to wait until menstruation leaves 3-4 days after checking. In fact, women are more suitable for this way of inspection. ComparedIt is said that Yin Chao can not go through such a process. Even if you do not urinate, you can do it, and some gynecological examinations need to be exhaled to fill the organs. This examination does not require so troublesome.It can be done.

Many people are more concerned about whether many women who have not had intimate husbands and wives can do this direct inspection of special parts?If you have experienced your husband and wife interaction, you can rest assured that you can do it directly, and if there is no woman who has experienced this experience, you don’t have to worry about it. You can do it. You don’t have to worry about it.

What are the advantages of general inspection?

Compared to our common examinations, it will be more accurate for the uterus and ovarian, and the data errors are often relatively small, and the inspection time is often relatively fast, which can save the time of inspection and affect the cause of normal B -ultrasound inspection.For example, if the body is too fat, there are scars in the abdomen, or if there are gas in the intestine, it will not affect the accuracy of Yin Chao’s examination. The check data is very accurate and reliable.The problem, its accuracy is much higher than the general inspection.

Of course, although Yin Chao has so many advantages, it is actually disadvantaged, that is, compared to these parts of the abdomen, directly checking for women’s special parts always make women feel embarrassed.It is still male, which makes more shy women embarrassed. It is often easy to refuse to check. If you can accept this shortcoming, then Yin Chao is definitely a choice that you must not miss.I suggest you try.

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