When eating steak, why always put a "raw egg" in the plate?Don’t eat blindly, avoid jokes

Western food is now very popular in my country. Basically, there will be a place for Western food in cities.Western food is more representative of steaks, which is also more popular in China.When eating steaks, many people will find that a half -lifetime is not familiar with eggs in the plate. Don’t eat blindly, lest jokes.

When eating steak, you will choose a few mature first. The most choices should be seven -cooked, which is more suitable for the taste of the public.In addition to steaks, many steak packages will also give you a raw egg and other vegetables.Many people see the kind of unhealthy eggs, which are more surprised, thinking that it is not related to the steak that is cooked by themselves, but it is not.

The semi -rare eggs with steaks are not used directly.Many people can’t eat the raw eggs, eat it directly, and finally waste it without eating.There are many ways to eat this raw egg in Western countries, which is more particular.The first way of eating, when Europeans eat steak, they will cut the steak into small pieces. In addition to specializing in dipping sauce, this raw egg can also be used to dip the steaks.More nutritious, this is a common way of eating.

The second way of eating, there will be vegetables and the like in steak packages. Unexpected eggs can be used to mix vegetables and eat vegetable salads. Do n’t have a taste. Eggs can also absorb excess oil in the steak plate.The third way of eating is the iron plate with steak. The temperature is relatively high when it comes up. If you do n’t like to eat raw eggs, you can also turn the eggs with a noodles and fry the eggs with the remaining temperature.Eggs.

When eating Western food, there are many ways to eat raw eggs by the beef row, which can be selected according to your preferences.Don’t eat raw eggs as soon as you come up, it’s relatively fishy, and it’s easy to make a joke.Since choosing to eat Western food, it is also good to experience different flavors according to the way of eating Western food in Europe and Americans.

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