When eating steak, why do the shop always put a "raw egg" on the plate?Don’t eat blindly, you will make a joke

Every time you go to eat steak, you will see that there are not only steaks in the plate, but also a half -life egg, and next to the tomato slices, onions or virgin fruits and pasta, as well as a bit of western blue flowers.

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And this egg with steak is half -life. I believe many people are wondering, why should I put the half -life of the eggs?Isn’t it a decoration?Therefore, Meimei had eaten the eggs directly …


Why do steaks with half a life of eggs?

In fact, this egg is eaten with a steak, but it is not to eat it directly. Mastering the method of eating this egg can make your steak more flavorful.

Methods one:

The eggs in the steak are not completely mature. Only the outside protein has a little solidification, and the internal egg yolk is still in the shape of a liquid shape.

If you eat it directly, the taste of the eggs is particularly fishy, so you need to cut the steak into a small piece, crush the eggs, dip it in the egg liquid, and then dip it in the seasoning.The correct way to eat steak.

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Method two:

After breaking the eggs, put it on the iron plate of the steak, and then press the steak to the eggs. Use the heat between the iron plate and steak to fry the eggs so that the eggs can be eaten by eatingEssence

Eating eggs with this method can make the taste of the eggs like the taste of fried eggs. It will be more nutritious with a beef steak.

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Method three:

Mix the egg liquid with the vegetable noodles next to it into salad to eat.

In addition, eggs are also for oil absorption, because there are many oils in the steak plate. Take an egg on it. In addition to being used as decorations, you can also absorb oil.

If you really don’t like steak dipped in eggs, you don’t have to force yourself!When the waiter brings up the beef steak, we can turn the eggs, because the remaining temperature of the iron plate can be cooked by the eggs, and you can eat all cooked fried eggs in a while!

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After eating for so many years of steak, every time you order the waiter, you will ask, "How are the steak you want?"

I do n’t know if you choose the classic seven -point cooked or have no dietary problems, or the pursuit of fresh and tender three -pointer?

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If you are a friend who is not familiar with steak, you may be at a loss.

Here Mei Mei wants to tell you that the cooked steak is determined by the temperature during cooking, because the protein in the steak will have different states at different temperatures, so that the meat has a different taste.

There is a saying in Western food that the cookedness of the steak can only order single, that is, one point, three points, five points, seven points, and nine points (all cooked).

The maturity diagram of different steaks ▼

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One point is cooked: Just the surface is fried, the meat is the original red, the taste is tender, the salty taste is salty, and the layered sense of raw cooked is intertwined.

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Three -point cooked: The surface and the bottom layer is the kind of light brown, the meat is still red, with obvious blood.It is the familiarity that most foreigners like, with "lubricating taste like silk";

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Five -point cooked: It is cooked up and down. The steak is pink and mixed with light gray and tan;

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Seven -point cooked: Most of them are cooked, only a red seam in the middle, almost no blood, only gravy;

Nine -point cooked: It is also all we said, scorched brown outside, with almost no gravy.

All in all, as the steak’s maturity increases, the taste will become harder and harder. The whole cooked steak will not taste the deliciousness of meat, so the seven -point cooked is just right.

And Westerners are most commonly ordered to be three -point and five -cooked steaks, so some people will definitely say that the meat is so red in the middle, and everything bleeds everywhere.


Will steak really bleed?

Academic, the red flowing from this meat is not blood!Not blood!It is myocopin with hemorrin.

Most of the steaks are muscle tissue, which contains a protein called myoglobin.Coincidentally, it also contains heme, which is the main reason why steaks are red.

Somosamice is dissolved in "gravy". If there is no "blood water", it will definitely lose a lot of gravy, which will affect the overall delicious balance of steak.

In other words, whether it is three -point or five -pointers, it is absolutely safe!

In fact, the truly qualified three -point cooked advanced steak can not see blood on the side. Only the same beautiful scorching brown can be seen. The surface is penetrated with sweet gravy, which is absolutely seductive.

Even if the knife is cut, the cut will not be shocking red meat, but the pink meat quality, the fork is in the mouth, just wait for it to chew gently, it will be gentle and melted, leaving the sweet and sweet fragrance.This is the "three -point cooked".

However, the matter of maturity still depends on personal taste, and the mature degree of different steaks is also different.

Because there are many types of steaks, according to different parts, they are divided into Fili steak, rib eye steak, west cold steak, diced bull steak, upper brain steak, and so on.

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Feili steak: 3-5 cooked

Fili steak, which is also cattle willow.It is a muscle with the least amount of exercise in the beef body, so the meat is tender, also known as the lumbar meat.Its oil content is low, and it will look old and firewood, so it is most suitable for Fili Niu Elementary to eat 3-5 points.

Rib eye steak: 5-7 cooked

The rib eye beef is derived from the beef’s "back lumbar spine", which is second only to Feili. It has beautiful marble oil flowers, tender and juicy meat, mixed with fat, cold and chewy than west, and is plump than Fili.

Rib eye steaks are not well-known in China, but people who really know the goods cannot stop it. They recommend 5-7 cooked, burn the oil through, and emit the butter fragrance to taste the most delicious.

West cold steak: 7 points cooked

West -cold steak is the meat on the back of the beef, and the tender meat contains a certain amount of fertilizer oil.Because it is a beef ridge, a circle of white meat is extended in the veneer of the meat, and the meat has a large amount of meat in this part. The overall taste is strong, the meat is hard, and the chewy head is suitable for young people and good teeth.

During the consumption, cut the tendons with meat together with meat, and do not fry too much, just 7 points.

T bone steak: 3-5 cooked

Bone steak, also known as Ding bone steak, is the spine on the back of the beef.This is the "two -in -one" steak. You can eat a T -bone steak, but you can eat two different flavors. The two sides of the T bone are Fili steak and New York guest steak.

Some friends are not familiar with steak, and they want to try various flavors. I generally recommend that they order T -bone steaks. In addition to the taste of two kinds of steaks, the meat on the edge of the bone bone has a strong aroma.Everyone likes it!

For the understanding of steak, see this people who have already exceeded 95%.I won’t feel so difficult to choose in the future!Intersection

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