When I am pregnant, can my husband and wife live?Doctor: For the fetus, pay attention to these items

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"Is it 29 weeks pregnant now?"

"Yes. It’s just 29 weeks today."

"Then can we be intimidating? It’s been so long."

"Do not say that you don’t let too close, you still bear it again."

"That’s in the early pregnancy, I have been endured so long, I can’t bear it anymore."

"For the sake of safety, let’s stick to it again."

The husband has been abstinence for a long time because his wife is pregnant.He heard that in the middle of pregnancy, he could be appropriately affectionate, but his wife’s demands on him denied that he felt lost in his heart.So, can you live a sex life in the second trimester?What are the issues to pay attention to at this time?

For most husbands and wives, it is an indispensable life event in life, and it is a huge challenge for women.Because the women have been risky since the date of pregnancy.

Especially in the early pregnancy, due to the unstable state of the fetus, if sexual life is performed, it may cause stimuli, resulting in a easily contraction, which causes premature or miscarriage.

In the early three months of pregnancy, in the early pregnancy of pregnancy, in the early pregnancy, because the fetus was unstable, it should be refused to have sex. Otherwise, it may affect the normal development of the fetus, and the privacy of women will be congested.

Once there is a bacterial invasion, it may cause inflammation and even cause the occurrence of cervicitis, which is a great danger to the health of pregnant women and fetuses.

From this perspective, sexual life should be avoided in the early pregnancy.So is it unable to have sex throughout pregnancy?In this regard, a doctor said that in fact, after three months of pregnancy, you can consider proper sexual life.

However, it must be paid attention to the proper sex life, not too frequent, because frequent husband and wife life will still strongly stimulate the uterus and even cause uterine contraction.Only in the reasonable range can it affect pregnant women and fetuses.

Therefore, between the 13th and 35th weeks of pregnancy, appropriate sexual life can be performed, and sexual intercourse must be used with mixed actions.

In the process of sexual life, do not compress the abdomen. It is already in the middle of pregnancy, and the abdomen has begun to bulge. At this time, if sexual life should be carried out, you should take a side posture, otherwise it may be compressed to the abdomen, or even affecting the abdomen, or even affecting it.The health of the fetus.

In the process of sexual life, you should also avoid excessive stimulation of breasts, because when the breast is stimulated, it will cause the hormonal secretion in women to accelerate, and hormonal secretion will shrink the uterus, and even cause miscarriage or premature birth.risks of.

Many husbands and wives will be restrained after pregnancy, especially in the early pregnancy, they will be careful, because women cannot perform severe exercise or sexual life.

A female patient had not resisted sexual intercourse in the early pregnancy, but the symptoms of sudden bleeding occurred during the process of sexual life. When they were sent to the hospital, the woman not only had no fetal bleeding, not only did the fetus not kept, but also removed.Numerous uterus.

This kind of damage is undoubtedly huge for women. Even if the sexual life is carried out in the second trimester, it is necessary to do the best. Although the sexual life can be performed in theoryEssence

There are already problems with habitual abortion. At this time, even if you are in the middle of pregnancy, sexual life should be prohibited.Otherwise, it may trigger abortion or even more serious tragedies.

There are also some women who can be found twins during pregnancy. This is also a relatively special situation. When performing sexual life, you must first consult a professional doctor to understand whether it is suitable for the same house to avoid women.It affects the fetus.

Even if sexual life can be performed during the exercise period, we must grasp the number of times of good attention to sexual life.Especially in the process of sexual life, men must be careful to master the strength to avoid excessive movement.

Because this period is relatively fragile, especially when infection is prone to infection, the fetus may be endangered.

Therefore, before the sexual life, we must do a good job of cleaning, and it also needs to be cleaned up afterwards. Otherwise, it may cause bacteria to reproduce in women’s private parts, which will affect the health of pregnant women and children.

In general, whether you can perform sexual life during pregnancy, you must combine the actual situation to make a reasonable assessment of the body and the factors, judge whether sexual life will have a bad impact on women, and at the basis of minimizing the adverse effects as much as possibleOn the top, do sexual life to ensure the health of maternal and infants.

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