When I am pregnant, I do n’t like to eat meat, vegetables, and seafood.

Everyone knows that pregnancy is one person, two people make up, and also know that a reasonable and balanced diet is the basic condition to ensure that expectant mothers’ own health and maintain fetal development.However, in real life, there are individual expectant mothers who are still maintaining partial food habits before pregnancy.

Liang Yongqi was only vegetarian during pregnancy. When she was more than 5 months of pregnancy, the doctor said that she lacked some required nutrients, so she asked her to supplement nutrition with soybeans and black sesame seeds.

Cecilia Cheung is a vegetarian. He has repeatedly mentioned that he has not eaten meat from childhood to childhood, but when he is pregnant with a third child, it is estimated that the fetus has to be too light to add some meat.

Andy Lau’s wife is also a long -term vegetarian person. Even if she is pregnant, she insists that because of this habit, their daughter has been vegetarian with her mother since her birth. As for how the children are vegetarian, they can be seen from their daughter’s bad health.

In the same reason, there are expectant mothers who do not like meat to eat meat. Naturally, there are expectant mothers who do not like to eat vegetables. Abu’s friend is that she will eat more vegetables throughout pregnancy, but she just likes to eat it before pregnancy.She said that when she smelled the green vegetables after pregnancy, she felt like grass, and she couldn’t raise appetite at all.

During pregnancy, partial eclipse has an impact on mothers or fetal baby, because the lack of nutrients and trace elements needed for some bodies can easily cause malnutrition. For a long time, the baby’s growth and development will be slow, and intellectual development will also be affected;For expectant mothers, you may feel that you can eat, but neglecting malnutrition can easily cause the mother to have anemia and calcium deficiency.

1. Specific mothers who do not like to eat vegetables

Vegetables are an important source of various vitamins and dietary fiber. Specific mothers do not eat vegetables to cause abnormal nerve development of the fetus. Specific mothers themselves are prone to anemia, decreased immunity, and constipation.

However, some expectant mothers do not like to eat vegetables, and some expectant mothers do not like vegetables because of hormones after pregnancy, so the intake of vegetables during pregnancy is not enough.

How to remedy

①Pams who do not like to eat green leafy vegetables can eat vegetables that have no leaves under the ground, such as radishes, potatoes, sweet potatoes, etc., and radish has carrots and white radish. There are many ways to cook these vegetables. White radish can cook.Bone soup, sour radish; carrots can fried eggs and beef; potatoes can fried beef shreds, sauerkraut potato chips, hot and sour potato shreds, etc. These are all dishes that expectant mothers love.

② If all vegetables do not like expectant mothers, we can eat more coarse grains. Crude grains contain more vitamins and dietary fiber than fine grains.These can be made into soy milk or drinking porridge with rice.

2. Specific mothers who do not like to drink milk

Milk -rich calcium can also help improve the quality of sleeping mothers. Because there are many nutrients required during pregnancy, some expectant mothers are prone to lack of certain nutrients, but drinking some milk every day can add these shortcomings.I don’t like to drink milk, then we can try the following methods

① The expectant mothers who don’t like milk taste can drink some yogurt. The yogurt has no milk smell, but it can make the mother -in -law like it. The yogurt is processed from fresh milk. Its nutritional elements are the same as milk., Able to make intestines.

② If it is a maternal mothers who are not tolerated by lactose, you can try goat milk, and their nutrition is also very sufficient; if sheep milk does not like to drink, you can try those pregnant women’s milk powder with flavors.

3. Specific mothers who do not like to eat fish

The nutrition of fish is very rich, containing various minerals and trace elements, which has a good effect on the development of the baby’s brain, and can also supplement calcium to prevent mothers’ calf cramps and promote bone health.However, some expectant mothers have not loved fish since they were young, and they did not even eat during pregnancy.

In fact, some expectant mothers do not like to eat fish. They are afraid of fishbone, and some are afraid of fishy smell, but these are well solved. There are many varieties of fish. With so many choices in today’s cooking, there will always be one that will make you make you.like.

① Afraid of fish thorns and do not like to eat fish, you can choose less fishbone or the fishbone is easy to pick out.It is the sauerkraut fish and boiled fish that mothers love.

② I really do n’t like to eat fish, and you can also eat other seafood, such as octopus, shrimp, crickets, clams, etc., and you can eat it as long as it is burned.

4. Specific mothers who don’t like meat

Meats can supplement energy, and can also supplement high -quality protein and various vitamins, but some women are vegetarians. They do not eat meat in one bite, even if they are pregnant.

① There are many varieties of meat, such as pork, mutton, beef, chicken, etc. If you just don’t like one of them, you can use other meat instead.

② If you are a vegetarian mother, drink more milk and soy products to increase the intake of grains and eggs and nuts.

at last

The nutrients required for the growth and development of the baby are from the food that the mother usually consumes. That is to say, only when the mother consumes sufficient nutrients can the baby absorb and meet the needs of growth and development.Therefore, the nutrition that mothers usually need to be doubled. At this time, partial eclipse and picky eaters are indeed inappropriate. For the health of the baby, mothers should try to balance nutrition, and they should eat any food.

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