When I am studying in an accident, I want to persuade my parents to give birth.

“How to think of college students unmarried first”Recently, a question on a question and answer platform is on a question and answer platform. It tells a pair of college students in love.Parents on both sides have no opposition.However, during the subsequent interaction, the woman was discovered that she was pregnant by accident, and they were still students at school at this time.

The parents of the two sides hold different opinions on the news of the unexpected pregnancy.The parents of the man are particularly happy. After all, he can hug his grandson (granddaughter) earlier, and the future retirement life will not be boring, so he promises generously. Although the child is born, we will never treat the woman.However, the parents of the woman think that there are too early children to have children (after all, not to the legal age), and there are too many uncertain factors. If you are eager to give birth, you may bring many difficulties to the woman in the future.But the woman’s family is still more democratic, obeying the woman’s own decision.Later, the young couple discussed and wanted to give birth to ask how to say to their parents.

In response to this problem, let’s briefly analyze the difficulties and pros and cons.

First of all, both sides are college students, and they are university students who are not in the legal age.If you choose to have children now, then it will definitely cause unmarried pregnancy. The fact that "Fengzi is married" may be nothing to the parties, but after all, we live in society.As a result, some gossip, and the experience of your two can not avoid becoming a talk with others after meals.

If you plan to give birth to your child, it will definitely affect academics.Various pregnancy examinations will delay a lot of time and energy. At the same time, the learning efficiency after pregnancy, the learning energy that can be invested is not as good as before.In addition, if you plan to have a child, then the school is inevitable, then it is difficult to say whether you can devote yourself as you are going to study as before. After all, you can’t don’t want your child.In addition, this impact is not limited to the woman, but both men and women.After all, with the change of identity, the mentality has begun to change. In the past, many things that dare to think about spelling will slowly compromise in the end. After all, you are no longer the young man who was originally surging.

I believe that for many young people, I want to walk around and take a look. After all, the world is so big, so beautiful, and there are many people who have never seen, have never eaten, and have never played.But when you become a child’s mother, everything has changed.If the body is worse, the skin is worse, and the incompatibility will inevitably.Although you want to go out and take a look, what about your child?Can you bear to throw him or her out to play?I think you can’t do it.However, when the child grows up slowly, the heart you want to play has long been defeated by reality. You have to run around for chai oil and salt, and you have to worry about your children’s academic studies. These are unavoidable.

The relationship between the relationship between husband and wife before and after marriage is really different.Before marriage, after all, the relationship between the two parties is not particularly determined. There is no legal level of the marriage certificate. In order to make each other’s heart determine themselves, they will pay more.After getting married, it is different. With a legal relationship, there will be no worries, so you start to quarrel for small things. When you are wronged, you don’t even have the courage to run away from home.Because the child decided to give birth, his parents also promised to help you bring your child. Is it a bit of forgetfulness?At the same time, no one can guarantee that the man and the man’s parents will be good to you as always, and you are not so competitive if you have a deserted study at the beginning. If you go to the market to compete in the market.

The only benefit I think is that if you have a master’s degree or a doctoral student, if your parents can help you bring your children big, then the children will be almost in elementary school after you participate in work in the future, so you don’t have to worry about it.But you have to weigh whether you have the ability to cope or be able to withstand the possible situation above.

In general, as a person coming, it is not recommended that you have children at a young age.After all, no matter how beautiful love has to return to the triviality of Chai rice oil and salt sauce vinegar tea.Without sufficient ability, it is difficult to give him a good family environment and a happy childhood even if you want a child.

What do you think about this?Welcome to communicate.

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