When I found that I was pregnant, I was just promoted


Working in a BPO -based foreign company (in fact, work is not high at all, it is to move bricks and screw screw caps) to do import and export trade.There are 6 people in the group, 4 domestic production, and 2 imports and exports.

Because of the performance of my big leadership, my leadership transferred the small leaders in October 19th, so I was rushed to the ducks as an acting leader. However, the position and salary did not increase., Just take the Bright Avenue of Raising Sales.

However, I know that, in view of the high standards of leaders, I want to meet his requirements, which is difficult, but I cannot refuse contemporary leaders, because the rejection is not allowed to advance, not aggressive, and will be transferred.I told myself to accumulate experience and prepare for the next job jump. When I was in pain, I said it was progressing and harvesting.

So I undertook the workload of two people in the import and export department, coupled with training newcomers, and supervised the work of the domestic group and the transfer of new processes, and other major events on the project.Compared to the previous little leaders, I have more than twice the workload.

At the age of 30 this year, mainly because of economic reasons for psychological reasons (I feel that I am not mature enough and my baby), so I have never asked for children.I plan to get pregnant in 2020 and give birth to a bullies in 2021.But now I can be accepted, so there is no complete contraception.

When I woke up at noon at the end of December 19th, I thought that my regular holiday was late for a week (but I felt that I was not pregnant, because there were strong holiday reactions, backache, chest bloating, etc.).After trying, I was surprised to find two bars.In fact, the feeling at this time is more aggressive, not joy, because I did not expect that it was so easy to get pregnant. Before, we both suspected that they were infertility.To determine, I went to the hospital immediately to confirm.

Early pregnancy (January-March):

Discover pregnancy:

It was the hospital at the weekend and at 4 pm.The first sentence of the doctor asked, did you test it yourself?Do you want this child?After learning about it, the doctor’s indifferent face became milder, and a series of orders were checked. Although the result was taken the next day, I basically believe that there is really a little guy. I really want to be a mother. I feel likeIt was so incredible, and I still couldn’t respond to my husband.Parents are happier than us.

However, the progesterone at the time was very low, only 7.5, and the estradiol was only 140. The indicators were not very good.The doctor asked for the test three days later. The estradiol rose to more than 200, but the progesterone was still 7.5. There was no medicine for the time being, and the monitoring was needed.After five days, I went to the hospital again and arranged B -ultrasound.At this time, I feel that pregnancy is very troublesome, and I often run the hospital.

Because of busy work, time is crowded.Fortunately, the company is not too far from the hospital.Basically, I went to the hospital in the morning to draw blood, and then took the taxi back to the company. In the afternoon, the APP prompting results came out. I took a taxi to get the results to take a taxi back to the company. At this time

EssenceAfter five days, HCG doubled, but the progesterone was still very low. The baby had no fetal heart buds. The doctor prescribed the medicine to rise.After 7 days of review, it was reviewed, but because of catching up with the New Year, and the epidemic was serious, there was no review.So I couldn’t help worrying about the baby’s development.

Early reaction:

The cause of the epidemic is+pregnancy. I did not return to my hometown for the New Year this year. Only I and my husband were at home.On the night of the year, the disgusting suddenly came, and the stages of pregnancy began.My mother was not pregnant, and she said that she would follow my mother. I thought I would not have it, but I really couldn’t believe it. I not only have it, but also super serious.

After eating, you should spit it out immediately, but it is not comfortable after the vomiting.After the vomiting, it will reflect the acid water and spit it all the time.There is also a sip of rice stuck in my throat. I want to vomit, I can’t swallow, and I can’t swallow it. It is super uncomfortable.The feeling of hungry is particularly fast, and the last second is disgusting. The next second needs to eat immediately, or they are all hungry.

My husband said that he could prepare some preparations, and he couldn’t supply it too suddenly, hahaha.Regarding pregnancy, it is really related to everyone’s physique. My good friend is very comfortable throughout the pregnancy. I asked her if she had no pregnancy?She said that nausea was not nauseous, and she was also envious.

Because of the impact of the epidemic, I should have been reviewed and I had no review.Basically, the fruits are relying on the fruits every day, mainly strawberry mango, which leads to strawberry mango is now tired.When I asked my husband, when I vomited, he had to stand next to him and handed the water and hand tea. Looking at me vomiting, he couldn’t ignore it, let alone playing the game.

When he spit strawberries for the first time, he said in horror, and he vomited blood!IntersectionHahaha, the whole vomiting, I went from 104 pounds to 94 pounds, and I burst into tears. It was really uncomfortable. I could only forget it when I fell asleep.

The pregnancy reflection was relieved until the pregnancy -induced healing device.It is a pink bracelet that surrounds the wrist and adjusts to the strength you can bear. The electrode is massaged in the position of the Neiguan acupoint, and it is not a wrist at all.With pregnancy, the healing device, do not have to go to the hospital because of pregnancy.Lemon jasmine sachets of the bear are not so disgusting after smelling.

Fortunately, because of the epidemic in the early stages of pregnancy, we all worked at home, and we were not very busy at work. I also had the energy to deal with pregnancy.In 12 weeks, I went to NT examination. The baby was particularly cooperated. It was done in less than 10 minutes, and the results were very good.

Early mood:

This time does not have so much ideas, very relaxed, so that you are not so uncomfortable.Because there are no elderly people, I and my husband are more self -reliability (mainly me, he can’t control me), cola fried chicken ice cream does not eat less, it is really good to eat things when you are pregnant, and science is also scientific.Having said that as long as the right amount, these can be eaten.

But sometimes I have a bad impact on other mothers to strictly control my diet, and I am afraid that my baby will have a bad impact because my little bit will not be restrained.When I saw a mother who was flying to me like me, I was very happy to have a healthy baby, and I felt that my concerns were superfluous.

When the pregnancy is the worst, you will think that it is no wonder girls are going to be brilliant now. This sin is really not human.I also think that I will never want a second child anymore.Now all this is over, and the uncomfortable memory is not so profound. I feel that it is okay.

In the second trimester (April-July):

The balance between work and pregnancy: cannot be balanced and still work hard.

This topic is called pregnancy work date, but it has been rarely mentioned before the pregnancy.Let’s mention it now. I told the leader on the second day of pregnancy that I was pregnant, because this matter is not within my plan, and it is not within the scope of the leadership plan. I caught this offering to make the leader prepare in advance.Another time to say, I don’t want the leader to feel that I have a gap with her.The leader was surprised after listening to me.

She told me at the time that my promotion plan might stop.To be honest, I have no obsession with promotion. My personality is soft, not suitable for making decisions as leaders, and very lazy. I earn a little money every month (1000?) It is not very attractive to meIt is not that my economic conditions are good. On the contrary, I am more lacking in money, but I want to pay great energy for these 1,000 money to lose money.But the leader can’t find more suitable people now, and I can only continue to do with pregnancy, but the workload has not decreased a little.

March-May is our peak period. The workload is large, and the changes in positions make the scope of responsibility wider and more worry.One of them, we need to dock with foreign countries, and the laziness processed abroad will not solve it. I can communicate until 2 am every day.Reply, not continuing to urge.

Everyone tells me that you are a pregnant woman and you need to rest.I also know, but my superiors did not find someone to replace the matter, and if the matter was not resolved, I couldn’t be at ease. After all, the daily costs were incurred.My characteristic of this characteristic is the strong sense of responsibility. Although it is not my business, not my mistake, I also want to solve it for customers as soon as possible.It’s not good to say, but to be attentive, so I said that I am not suitable for leaders. After the leadership, I will break my heart.

But this period of time has indeed made me a lot of improvement. Not to mention knowledge and ability, but as far as self -confidence is concerned, it has a great progress.The process is really bitter and tired, but the old saying is the same. When you are in pain, you show that you are growing up.Later, the project was given a prize.

Folding in the middle of pregnancy:

I think that I pay more attention to hygiene, but I still have not escaped vaginitis during pregnancy. The secretions can change a lot of underwear for a day.Is urine or secretion.Afraid of hurting the baby and dare not take medicine.The family members buy the healing cleaner, the impulse is large enough, and the sticky secretions can be easily rushed off. After using it, remove the parts and dry them.The bottle body also has a temperature measurement logo, which saves the steps of testing by hand.After giving birth to a child in the future, you can also wash the private parts.

Not long after the vaginitis passed, at 22 weeks of pregnancy, I started back pain again, and I was not sitting or standing. I couldn’t turn over when I was the most pain.Walking to support your waist and squatting toilet are strenuous.My husband helped me massage my waist, and it didn’t work.When I couldn’t sleep at night, I could find information about relieving low back pain. Seeing a report, a Japanese expert said that the triangular pillow helps pregnant women to lie on the left side and help relieve the back pain in pregnant women.

Immediately turned on a storm -style search, and finally found the medical cowardly pillow.There is a non -slip particles underneath. Don’t worry about the pillow after falling asleep. It is very good to remember that the cotton’s inner core support is very good. Unlike other pregnant women’s pillows, it is easy to deform.After a few days, low back pain relieved, and at least I could sleep peacefully.There are also grooves of the foot of the obstetric pillow. In the third trimester, the feet can be raised to relieve the edema of the legs.

Because I am not old, I chose Tang Siek during the screening of Tang’s syndrome. As a result, 21 body 1:32 ultra -high risk.Although the risk is high, because of the homework before, Tang Si is not very accurate, so he is not too worried.The doctor suggested to wear sheep, but considering the risk of miscarriage a little about sheep, and the results are slow, they are ready to make non -invasive doctors. As a result, non -invasive doctors say that the risk is too high, and sheep is recommended to wear sheep.

At this time, I was a little nervous, I was really afraid that the baby would have a good way.So she decided to wear sheep, and began to check to make sheep.In fact, sheep wearing is not terrible. It is to wear a long needle into the stomach and take a amniotic fluid. The pain is similar to the blood vein blood.At that time, she went to the sheep. I also went to the peak of get off work when I got off work. The taxi was too blocked. I took the subway and returned.The more irritable is the various inspections before the sheep. One of them was unqualified. Then he stopped the medicine and went home to recuperate and continued to check it. It was still unqualified.Originally, the hospital was far away, and was busy with work, and was worried, so I was very irritable. Once I couldn’t hold it, I couldn’t help crying.

Fortunately, the sheep came out in the end, and everything was good.After being a mother, it is really healthy for the baby.In addition to this, the entire pregnancy checks are smooth, but they are also a little unhappy. For example, doctors say that the baby’s head and thighs are short. Look at my husband’s figure. Alas, maybe with my dad.

The third trimester (7-10) a month:

Because of lazy, this diary has been dragging.At the time of the third trimester, it is really the third trimester. It is almost 39 weeks now. It is waiting for the baby to launch every day, but the baby is calm and has no signal.Working in the third trimester is very idle, but the body is getting heavier.

Regarding housework, care during pregnancy:

After pregnancy, my husband assumed all housework, laundry, cooking, mopping, etc., but the quality was really hard to say. I opened my eyes and closed my eyes.Slowly tuned before it was a little bit.The overall performance is good, it is not good.There is no big fish and meat, and I am struggling to cook the patterns. There is no kind of manifestation of being afraid of merging in my mouth.I just want to eat what I can buy in the middle of the night, and I can take care of it emotionally. Everything is basically along you.

Until 36 weeks, except for her husband’s business trips, they never called their parents to take care of.In 37 weeks, my husband was getting late after get off work, and my body became heavier and couldn’t make food anymore, so my mother -in -law came first.My mother -in -law is very good, very young and fashionable, with the recipe of confinement meal and how to take care of the baby’s book.The next day began to clean up the room in depth. It was that the gap between each furniture was wiped again, and the bedboard was also removed in depth.So far, I am happy to get along with my mother -in -law.

Some mother -in -law did not want to work in her son, and my mother -in -law was uncomfortable when she saw her son who was not working.On the first day I came to say that my husband was lazy like a maggot on the sofa, and he kept talking about his husband’s bad job. If he was too little, the husband collapsed and wanted to send the mother -in -law back … but it was also visible to the naked eye, the mother -in -law came, the husband changedLazy.I used to move him, and now my mother -in -law made him call him.

Accompanying production inspection:

My husband has to deduct money for leave, because I and my baby are healthy and there are no special attention, so the production inspection basically goes to myself, and there is nothing wrong with it.The hospital process is also very simple, blood drawing, urine testing, B -ultrasound, there is no place for husbands.Of course, it is best to accompany the conditions. As long as the husband is free, you must accompany me, but you ca n’t look at how to choose.

I hope to save money.A moment, if you can’t get a taxi, you will be wronged when you can’t get a taxi. You will think why you don’t buy a car and why your husband is not there.But the past passed.Do not buy a car and feel that the price / performance ratio is not high (the traffic jam in the city is serious, the cost of car maintenance is also high, the bus is very developed, and it is convenient to go everywhere. If you have a baby, you may really consider buying a car)

Probably these.Near the due date, a bit anxious, afraid that she would not take good care of her, hoping to learn slowly and let her grow up happily.I wish everyone happy and smooth.Write again next time, it should be a delivery diary.

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