When I was in sexual life, I obviously wore a sleeve. Why can I still get pregnant?Is "condom" really safe?

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As the thoughts of modern people are becoming more and more open, sexual life has become a topic that people often talk about.How does the couple’s life be effective in the process of life?

A condom is a very effective way, because in the process of using this tool, it can not only effectively prevent the combination of sperm and eggs, but also effectively prevent the spread of some diseases.

The most important thing is that this contraceptive method does not cause any damage to the human body compared with other contraceptive methods, and only the correct way can achieve efficient contraceptive effects.However, there may be accidents in everything.When the husband and wife live, I obviously wore a sleeve. Why is there still a problem with pregnancy?

Recently, Ms. Zhang always feels tired of her body, and she looks like I can’t wake up every day.In this case, Ms. Zhang believes that she may be more at night after going to bed at night, and she will keep her body as if she can’t wake up without sufficient rest.

It turned out that Ms. Zhang has increased a lot since a week ago, and she was going to get up three or four times a night.Ms. Zhen didn’t understand, she obviously didn’t drink too much water before going to bed. Why did night urine increase?Because the rest at night is not good, it is natural to work during the day.

Seeing that Ms. Zhang looked harsh every day, when colleagues chatted with her, they proposed a news that Ms. Zhang was shocked. The colleague asked Ms. Zhang if she was pregnant.The problem of colleagues made Ms. Zhang realize what, because she found that menstruation did not come as scheduled.

After get off work that day, Ms. Zhang ran to the pharmacy to buy a PH test paper. On the morning of the second day, Ms. Zhang couldn’t wait to test it.After a few minutes of waiting for a few minutes, Ms. Zhang saw two bars on the test paper and further confirmed the colleague’s statement.

The accidental pregnancy made Ms. Zhang very difficult to accept. After all, he already had two children, and there was no plan to have a third child. Then you didn’t understand. Every time he lived with her husband, he used a sleeve. Why is it?Will you get pregnant?

Compared with other contraceptive methods, the contraceptive effect of condoms is indeed relatively high, but it can only reach about 95%of contraceptive efficiency.Even the best condoms cannot guarantee 100%effect.

In the process of using condoms, if the operation is improper, or it is not worn at first, when entering the theme, it is likely that the semen has fallen into the girl’s body.

Many husbands and wives did not wear sleeves directly when they first started sex, but only worn when they were about to end. They thought it was relatively safe, but in fact this is a very unsafe way.Sets may also be pregnant, because men will experience exclusion in the whole process of exercise.

I believe that when many people buy sets, they do not buy them according to the corresponding size.If the selected model is wrong in the process of using a sleeve, it may also cause the problem of accidental pregnancy.

Because in the case of inconsistent supporting size, it is easy to cause the sleeve to fall into the private parts of women, or semen flowing out.Although condoms are relatively common tools, some couples do not pay attention to quality when they buy condoms. They even think that they are just one -time things. They do not need to pay special attention to quality, so they buy inferior products.

If there is no careful and detailed examination before the husband and wife live, there may be a problem of contraceptive failure.

After reaching the climax, some husbands and wives did not take out the sleeves in time. At this time, some semen in the sleeve could flow into the private parts of women.In the process of discussion, the correct method must be taken, and some people do not know how to operate at all, which eventually leads to contraception failure.

Afterwards, it was found that the sleeve had been damaged. At this time, the most effective method was to use emergency contraceptives. The earlier the effective time, the better the effect. If it had been more than two days, then it would be difficult to avoid conception.

If you want to give full play to the role of the sleeve, you must do a good job of inspection before use to understand whether the sleeve has a complete appearance. Once problems such as damage or expiry, you cannot continue to use it.

The correct method of wearing must be adopted during the use of use.Only by adopting the correct supporting method can we give full play to the maximum effect of condoms.

Once hidden dangers are conceived, the damage to women is relatively large. Therefore, in the process of living husband and wife, if not planned, it is necessary to take effective contraceptive measures.

In particular, when choosing a sleeve, we must recognize the regular brand and select the relevant models according to the corresponding size.Only when the size and the correct method of wearing can be better avoided by accidents.

What do you think about how to use the "sleeve" correctly?Welcome to discuss the comment area together!

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