When is it better to go to the hospital for examination?

Bao mothers who plan to get pregnant generally will be tested with early pregnancy test strips after ten days after the same room. Generally, the double bars can be measured in about ten days. At this time, the basic menstruation is also postponed.The pregnancy test stick can test the double bars, which is basically pregnant, but this is just a data. In order to determine, many Baoma went to the hospital early to check, but do you really need to check it so early?

Nowadays, the welfare government of basic countries in many places is very good, especially for maternal women. If you have always purchased social security, giving birth to a child can reduce a lot of money, which also includes the cost of the inspection.Community.

Then after the two bars are tested at home, the situation is normal. It is recommended that at about 8 weeks to go to the hospital for the first examination. The first examination will usually take blood and do a B -ultrasound.Blood drawing is to check HCG, progesterone and estradiol, and some places also check hyperthyroidism, which is related to early embryo development.The early B -ultrasound was mainly to check whether the embryo was in the palace and the fetal heart.If everything is normal, you can bring related information to build files.The expenses that can be reduced and exempt from the inspection before are after the file.

Some pregnant mothers are more anxious. After the double bar, in fact, in less than 6 weeks, go to the hospital to draw B -ultrasound. At this time, you can also be diagnosed with pregnancy.I still can’t see the fetal buds for a long time, so I have to check it once in about eight or nine weeks. It has to be spent once more. The pregnant mother has to toss back and forth.People.

Some people also suggest that when all the body is normal in the early pregnancy, do not do too much B -ultrasound under all normal conditions. GeneralThe question, IVF is also made by Yin Chao.But I still care about it, especially when I feel very nervous to do Yin Chao, and my mood is very tight, I really need to pay attention.

Of course, when these are checked, the doctor will basically not tell you that because the probability of the problem is too low, the doctor sees so many people every day, and may not even remember your face.As long as it is registered, it will be checked for an order, it does not matter sooner or later.Some people also feel that after checking the report, there is no problem before you feel at ease. This is all personal.

Of course, this is all based on good health and no abnormal pregnant mothers. If there are bleeding and acute abdominal pain in early pregnancy, you can’t wait. You have to go to the hospital quickly. The pregnant mother must always pay attention to the changes in her body.

All normal pregnant mothers are advised to do the first inspection in the 1989 weeks, and then go to the archives. After the archives are built, the production inspection after the archives will basically save a lot of money.There is a child to have a child from the birth of a child. It costs money everywhere. Our country now encourages fertility and benefits that can enjoy. Pregnant mothers can consult.

In short, relax, learn more about relevant policies, and ask more experienced people around you. If you want to understand the relevant policies, it is recommended to consult the recent pregnant mothers.Fast.

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