When is it easier for women to get pregnant?There are 3 test methods during ovulation, the third is simple and accurate

Jing Ma, a 41 -year -old colleague, won the prize again during the New Year.This colleague looks thin and small, but it is the kind of person who can’t control the contraceptive pill when he touchs.After 20 years of marriage, 5 with 5, only 1.Think of it painful for her.When I first got married, I was very careful after I was pregnant. After two years of Ping An, my life had stabilized and had a daughter.I don’t want my daughter to wear a suit during breastfeeding.

After that, the husband and wife wear a dual insurance set+medicine every time. The husband said that it should be safe. I did not expect it to be unsafe. When the daughter was 3 years old, she was recruited.It’s right.Colleagues want to cry without tears.After that, we had to wear a ring, and it was a bit uncomfortable due to physical reasons last year. As long as the ring was taken off, it was won again in a month.

If you have a pregnancy -prone constitution, there is difficulty in pregnancy. A fans asked me in the background a few days ago: I have been preparing for half a year but I have never moved. I learned in detail the situation and found that their husbands and wives were not prepared at all, but there was no contraceptive.All knows half.

And if we are preparing for pregnancy, we must understand how to get more efficient.And it is important to count!

Pregnancy can only be men’s moves to women, because women have scarce resources in their hands, only one egg is excreted in a month, and miss another month.

And sperm can almost be said to be with it at any time, and once it is a truck, tens of millions of sperm to ask for an egg. As a result, many sperm can be used for footsteps.

The easiest time to conceive is 1 to 3 days before ovulation and 1 to 2 days after ovulation. Learn to calculate the ovulation period in order to better conceive.

There are three major methods for calculating the ovulation period:

If the menstruation is regular, the cycle is 28 days to 32 days, then the ovulation period is between the two menstruation.

If the cycle is 35 or even 40 days, the second day is the second day before the next menstrual period, push forward for 3 days forward, and push back 2 days, which is the next 17 days to 12 days before menstruation.This time period is the easiest to conceive.

Observe cervical mucus

Many women have such experiences. In the middle of the two menstruation, they seem to leak urine for a few days. They suddenly feel that the underwear is wet, as if it comes to menstruation.That is because of the changes in hormones, the cervical mucus increases, generally transparent and colorless, a bit like egg white, sticky.

It is recommended to take a small amount of mucus with clean hands every day before taking a bath, observe the index finger and thumb, and find that these silk worships the longer and it seems that the elasticity is very tough., Explain that ovulation is going to be immediately.It’s time to meet the sperm and eggs.

Monitoring body temperature

This will be a little bit troublesome. When we find that the temperature drops to a minimum level, and then suddenly rises, it means that ovulation occurs. When the body temperature has changed from the lowest to high, it belongs to the time of our better conception.Generally, it is necessary to take 3 months in a row so that this time can be better.

Simple and easy to use ovulation test strips

You can go to the pharmacy to buy it, and then test it according to the above manual. If you find that there are strong positive, it is time.

If you want to accurately go to the hospital to take a B -ultrasound, you can start testing after 7 days after menstruation.

A relative of Jing Jing is the body temperature test, and the test strip has not been pregnant for a year. Later, she took the B -ultrasound directly. The second time I found that a very mature egg was immediately rushed out.The suggestion is time.

As a result, I was pregnant that night.

Topic: Do you have any ovulation during pregnancy, or let it be pregnant?

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