When pregnant mothers meet X -ray examination

Each year, a small number of pregnant mothers and preparation mothers need to undergo X -ray examination under special circumstances.Due to the lack of professional knowledge, some people are extremely anxious, and even some people take non -necessary termination of pregnancy.

So can this special crowd perform X -ray examination, and is it safe to accept the X -ray examination?

Today, let’s take a look at seven related knowledge together.Bleak

1. First of all, what is X -ray examination?

Answer: It mainly refers to the use of X -rays to diagnose imaging and disease diagnosis of different penetration of different tissues in the human body, such as filming, perspective, and CT examination. Generally speakingEssence

2. Do you know if I am pregnant before the X -ray examination?

Answer: Yes.Pregnant mothers and pregnant mothers should be judged legitimate when conducting X -ray examinations (doctors believe that the benefits brought by the radiological diagnosis are far greater than the potential harm of the patient’s itself according to the actual situation of the patient, and we call it legitimate judgment).

For any X -ray examination directly exposed to the lower abdomen, pregnancy should be excluded; for the abdomen, doctors should consider delaying the examination of the pelvic area and the unborn fetus in the main ray beam.

Third, do you need to pay attention to when checking?

Answer: Pay attention to the optimization of radiation protection during inspection, strictly control the irradiation field, and take shielding protection measures for sensitive organs and tissues of non -application parts.Optimize exposure conditions to achieve clinical diagnosis with reasonable and possible doses as possible.

Fourth, will it cause infertility after receiving X -ray examination?

Answer: The threshold dose of a permanent infertility of women is 2500-6000 Mgy (male is 3500-6000mgy), while the dose of the diagnosis of X-ray examination is very low, far from reaching the level of infertility.

5. Should I stop pregnancy after receiving X -ray examination?

Answer: Termination of pregnancy is a decision that is affected by various factors according to personal circumstances.It is generally believed that those who are less than 100 Mgy should not be regarded as a reason to terminate pregnancy.This dose is greater than the dose reached in most radiological diagnosis or nuclear medicine diagnostic procedures.

6. Which pregnancy stage is the most sensitive to rays during pregnancy?

Answer: The size and type of ray damage are related to the dose and dose.During the 5th-28th weeks after fertilization, the fetal central nervous system is particularly sensitive to radiation.The most sensitive period is 8 weeks to 15 weeks after fertilization. During this period, X-ray examination should be strictly limited.

7. Can pregnant staff continue to work in X -ray?

Answer: Article 38 of the "Professional Disease Prevention and Control Law" stipulates that employers shall not arrange for female employees during pregnancy and lactation to engage in hazards that are harmful to them and their fetuses and babies.

Internationally, as long as the dose of the fetus can be guaranteed during pregnancy, the dose of the fetus is lower than 1 Mgy, and the staff of the pregnancy can continue to work in X -ray.

at last,

I wish you all pregnant mothers and pregnant mothers

You can have a healthy and cute baby.

Source: China Disease Prevention and Control Center Radiation Safety Office

Supply: Professional Health Section

Edit: Han Xiaobian

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