When sweeping the grave on the Qingming Festival, pregnant women and infants must pay attention to the following points

The Qingming Festival is coming. This festival needs to worship its ancestors. This is a traditional custom.But when you go to worship your ancestors, there may be a problem. For the mother who has just given birth to a little baby, should they take the little baby to worship their ancestors?If you bring your own child, you may let some bugs on the mountain bitten, or you may have a cold. If you do n’t go, you will violate the customs.For difficulties, mothers can look at the following methods.

There will definitely be a lot of superstitions about going up the grave to sweep the grave. Some people do not believe it, but they know that they are psychologically not believed, but they have done it in action.Regardless of psychological or based on their own religious beliefs, there are some experts who feel that the following people should not go to the mountains to sweep the grave.

Child: Generally, they should not go to the mountain to sweep the grave on the mountain, but others say that they are about children under the age of three.From the theory of life, it is easy for children to look through their clean eyes to another world.According to science, going to the mountain to sweep the grave, which is easy to make the worm to children. There may be some toxins. At this time, the weather is the stage of changing impermanence.Go to the mountain to sweep the grave, don’t go.For those little baby who is still drinking milk, let’s stay at home with my mother!

Pregnant mothers: From some folk customs, for little baby who have not yet been born, they are not suitable to see people in the underworld, fearing that there will be danger of death.Medical perspective, whether it is going to the cemetery or the Linggu Tower, they are in some remote places. Benbo back and forth is on the car or on the road, and the environmental sanitation in the mountains is not very good, soStill spare these pregnant pregnant mothers!

Those who have just performed a major surgery, those who are recovering: These people are in the period of physical recovery, but they need to go outside.But for those who have just had a good health after the severe illness surgery, it should not be that the places that are not very good at time should not be.In addition, if you go to the mountain to sweep the grave, you need to climb the road, and the mountain road is relatively rugged, and it will become very difficult. For those who have just completed the operation, I am afraid that they will pull the wound, so it is best not to go.

If the older generation at home insists on letting her mother take the little baby to worship the ancestors, they must take the following measures:

Try to wear long clothes and pants, because when you go to the mountain at this time, when you catch a lot of bugs and lush trees, you may make your child allergic or bite.Therefore, we must wear clothes shallow at this stage, and not too bright, so it is easy to recruit worms.

If you are a cart, cover the car with a cover.If the baby is sleeping in the car, he must take a cover for them to avoid mosquito bite.

Do not let children scream in the cemetery.The cemetery is a very serious place. You must not shout there, and parents cannot scold their children here. They must control their emotions and ensure the quietness of the deceased.

After watching the above, you must have learned a lot, right?In this case, you have to be careful.

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