When taking a bath, the hair of "below" is easy to fall off, is it normal?Or there are 3 diseases to pay attention to

Some time ago, some netizens asked questions:

"Especially curious, do girls need to remove Mao? Still trimming? Because my hair is thick, sometimes it is easy to fall off and feel a bit embarrassing. I ask for a solution!"

Therefore, this article, Xiao Jiu talks to you about the hair of the private parts. I hope everyone can look at it rationally.

1. Skin disease

One of the main symptoms such as folliculitis and pubic lice disease is the hair falling off.Taking folliculitis as an example, in addition to bacterial, virus, and fungal infections, folliculitis is also related to often wearing tight clothes and elastic underwear.Tight pants and elastic underwear can cause excessive friction of hair follicles around the private parts. After sweating, it is easy to breed bacteria and cause infection.

If folliculitis is not treated in time, the infected area will become larger and larger, and finally evolves into a mule or dysentery, and it will even destroy the hair follicle tissue and cause permanent hair removal.

2. Thyroid disorders

The thyroid gland has a close relationship with the metabolism and growth of the human body. If the thyroid disorders are disordered and the secreted T3 and T4 hormones are too high or too low, it will cause systemic hair loss, including the loss of hair from private parts.

3. Relief of androgen

Excessiverogens can cause "male baldness", but few people know that reduction of androgen reduction may also cause systemic hair to fall off, which is mainly related to testicular dysfunction and ovarian dysfunction.

For women, the symptoms of premature ovarian failure are mainly reflected in the changes in the menstrual cycle, reduced menstruation, dryness of private parts, decreased desire, insomnia, anxiety, osteoporosis, hair loss, etc.Under normal circumstances, due to the role of metabolism, the hair of the private parts will naturally fall off every day.

Studies have pointed out that the life of the private parts is about 6 months, and adults will fall off 10 to 20 private parts a day.If the number of falling off suddenly increases and reaches more than 30 daily, it is necessary to pay attention to the possible pathological causes. It is recommended to seek medical treatment in time.

Sometimes, girls will feel that the hair of the private parts is not very useful, and it will also increase troubles. For example, when gynecological inflammation occurs, the peripheral nerves on the skin are more sensitive. If the hair is constantly stimulated, there will be a certain itching.The menstrual period is also wet after bleeding, and the hair is even more uncomfortable as soon as the hair is messy.

However, doctors do not recommend women to remove hair on their private parts. Why?It turns out that it has a big role!

First, the hair of the private part has its own necessity.

On the one hand, the hair of the private parts can resist foreign bacterial invasion, and it can also play a buffer and reduce the damage to the skin.For women, hair can also diversion urine to avoid splashing.More importantly, the state of wool in the private part can be used as a special signs of some diseases and a role in auxiliary diagnosis.

Secondly, hair removal may cause other complications, such as folliculitis, contact dermatitis, and even sex diseases.

A study in the United States found that hair removal may cause complications such as skin damage, folliculitis, contact dermatitis, urology infections, especially for women. Due to different physiological structures, the risk of complications is higher than that of men.It is also found that the number of hair removal of private parts is too frequent, and the risk of infectious sexually transmitted diseases is higher. The reason is that the hair removal tool is easy to damage the skin. Coupled with the barrier effect of losing hair, bacteria and viruses are more likely to invade.

Therefore, unless it is necessary to treat certain diseases, hair removal is usually not recommended.If you really feel aesthetic or uncomfortable, you must follow the correct way of pruning.

So, how can we correct hair removal?Xiao Jiu gives you some suggestions.

1. Choose the right way

Hair removal cream: hair removal cream contains a lot of chemicals. Before use, it is recommended to apply a small amount to the skin to test whether it will have adverse reactions such as allergies.When the hair removal is officially started, pay attention to avoid contact with the mucous membrane to avoid stimulation.

Laser hair removal: Laser hair removal is relatively safe. It is a kind of gross -formation that uses laser to destroy the hair follicle tissue to achieve hair removal effects. There is no pain and almost no side effects. The disadvantage is that the price is more expensive.If necessary, it is recommended to go to a regular hospital.

It is not recommended to use a razor and beeswax. The razor can easily cause skin damage and cause complications; beeswax hair removal can cause pain, easily destroy the skin barrier, and cause other skin problems.

2. After hair removal

After hair removal, take care of it. First clean the hair removal site with warm water, and then gently dry the water with a clean and soft towel.Be careful not to wipe hard to avoid irritating the skin.If you have discomfort such as redness and swelling, itching and other discomfort after hair removal, you can apply anti -inflammatory ointment. Do not scratch it with your hands.

The wool of the private parts looks dwarzes, but in fact it still has a certain effect.If you feel uncomfortable, you can use the correct way to remove hair.In addition to the common role, the state of hair in the private part is the signs of the disease. If abnormalities, such as severe hair removal, severe color changes, etc., you should be vigilant and seek medical attention to the reason in time.

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