When the dog is pregnant, the owner should do these 6 points

Welcome to a new life is always looking forward to it. When the dog at home is pregnant, the master is probably happy and hard.After the bitch is pregnant, the owner should do these 6 points to allow it to survive the pregnancy smoothly.

Just like people, dogs need to produce cubs in a quiet environment; if it is a noisy environment, the dog will have emotional excitement or a low mood.

Some pet dogs are produced for the first time, relying on their own instincts, so the owner cannot be careless and prepare.

After the dog is pregnant, some rules must be adjusted in daily cleaning. Bathing and other events that will cause the dog to generate stress react as much as possible. When necessary

Secondly, the dogs were made of some baths about 10 days before the dog was about to produce. After all, the dogs after production could not take a bath for a while.

After the dog is pregnant, some pet owners will become careful, thinking that they must give the dog sufficient nutrition.Therefore, I usually eat less meals for dogs. In order to make the dog numb to be nutritious, it is open to eat.

In fact, this is wrong. Nourishing nutrition cannot be fed randomly. It is necessary to increase nutritional meals appropriately. At this time, it is the right reason to make dog nutritional balance.

The puppy is about to be born, and the owner should prepare a dog box or a small nest.After all, dogs need to have their own independent space during delivery. If there are too many people, the dog will have anxiety.

After the dog is produced, unless the dog is willing to be, the pet owner must not touch its cub casually, because the nature of the bitch will protect the cub, and it will be fine after a while.

Dogs during pregnancy should not do some relatively severe exercises, and the owner can not fight and violence the dogs. It is necessary to keep a certain distance as much as possible for strangers, because the dogs during pregnancy are very sensitive and it is easy to attack strangers.Behavior

Dogs during pregnancy should maintain an appropriate amount of exercise to ensure that the dog is too much to gain weight during pregnancy.

During the delivery of dogs, a lot of nutrients require a lot of nutrients for the healthy growth of dog cubs. At this time, they supplement specific nutrients, which are generally available.In addition, goat milk powder also has a prestigious yuan, unsaturated fatty acids to provide nutrition for dogs.

If the cub is born and the mother’s milk is not enough, sheep milk powder can also be replaced.

The diet of dogs in the early stages of pregnancy is relatively small, and the later period will gradually increase. At this time, the dogs should be fed a small number of times, and the food they eat should be easy to digest food to avoid bringing the dog’s stomach and intestines.pressure.

Conclusion: Will you sterilize or have a puppy for dogs?

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