When will it be right after pregnancy?Many pregnant mothers have been pitted by doctors

Hello everyone, I am Dr. Wu of the obstetrics and gynecology department. Let ’s talk about the related issues of building a card today!Original articles, rejected reprint!

I believe this is also the question of many pregnant mothers: when I am pregnant, when will I build a card?

Many pregnant mothers will say that they will only build cards for 3 months of pregnancy!We go to the hospital for consultation, and most doctors will also say that waiting for 3 months to build a card. The main reason is that the embryo development is not stable 3 months ago, and the incidence of abortion is high.It was done in white.

So, is it right for 3 months to build a card?the answer is negative!

In order to answer this question, we must first know what the purpose of building a card?

After pregnancy, I went to the hospital for the so -called "card", which is actually a systematic and standardized pregnancy health file for pregnant mothers. Predictive examinations are performed on a regular basis in order to detect the abnormal conditions of pregnant mothers and fetuses as soon as possible to ensure timelyAfter pregnancy, the safety of pregnant mothers and fetuses will eventually realize the health of mothers and fetuses, especially the first examination of the Card building will be more comprehensive, which is equivalent to a comprehensive physical examination.

The development of the embryo began from fertilization. Its early was affected by external factors, which means that many external factors will affect the early growth and development of the embryo.Usually pregnant mothers have passed the first prenatal examination at the hospital for the first time after birth. At this time, the best time to prevent defects in birth defects has been missed. Many diseases or congenital defects have occurred at this stage.Obviously weakened or has no effect.

For example: fetal nerve tube is the basis of the development of fetal brain and ridges. The key time of neural tube development is 24 to 28 days after conception. It is usually 38 to 42 days after the first day of the last menstruation.If you are pregnant, if you are affected by adverse factors during this period, neural tube defects are prone to occur.

Therefore, the method of repeated emphasis on folic acid is from orally from 3 months before pregnancy to 12 weeks of pregnancy; if the pregnant mother merges with HIV (human immune defect virus) or syphilis infection, positive screening in the early pregnancy and giving timely medication intervention can be better.Maternal and infant transmission to prevent diseases;

Diabetes pregnant mothers in early pregnancy can effectively reduce the occurrence of abortion rate and related complications; pregnancy and thyroid dysfunction must also start intervention in the early pregnancy to have good results.

Early pregnancy is the most critical period in the entire pregnancy. The health care of the early pregnancy is an important intervention period for the spread of mother and infant transmission to prevent diseases such as AIDS and syphilis.During the important screening period of chromosomal abnormalities, scientific health care in the early pregnancy play a vital role in the life of the fetus.

What needs to be particularly emphasized: Many hospitals still recommend that pregnant mothers do not conduct any examinations in the early stages of pregnancy. It is not until March of pregnancy (that is, about 12 weeks) to go to the hospital to check and build a card (the health care manual during pregnancy).The very wrong method has misleaded many pregnant mothers, which is also extremely unscientific and irregular.

The development of embryos in the early pregnancy is very vulnerable to the influence of external factors. During this period, it is necessary to conduct scientific health education for pregnant mothers. The necessary laboratory examinations are required. It also needs to supplement the necessary vitamins, trace elements and scientific nutritional guidance.

Therefore, what we advocate is that as long as the marriage age is discontinued, they should immediately go to the hospital to check whether it is pregnant. Generally, the color Doppler ultrasound can be checked in the fetal heart in about 6 weeks.You can build a card.

Today, I said so much about Jianka. I am Dr. Wu Fangyin, an obstetrics and gynecology department. I have been engaged in maternal and child health care for more than 30 years. If you have any questions about this, please ask me to ask for questions.

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Follow me and let you not take a detour during pregnancy.

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