When you are pregnant, can you raise a cat at home?What do pregnant mothers need to pay attention to?

During pregnancy, cats can be raised, and pets can bring fun and relaxed mood to pregnant women; many pregnant women will be lonely and boring during pregnancy. Perhaps there is a pet cat at home, which can be easier to pass time.

The cute cat is very humane, sticky to the owner, and often runs at home like a cute little cute.However, the process of raising cats is more troublesome. Pets often like to run over to hug and get in touch with pregnant women.

Pets are particularly prone to infection of Toxoplasma, and there are many communication channels for Toxoplasma. If it is transmitted to pregnant women, it is very easy to cause abortion and yield. Especially in the early pregnancy, fertilized eggs have not been in bed stable.

There is a pregnant woman’s pregnancy abortion, and the reason is not checked. Finally, the doctor asked pregnant women, did you have pets in your family?

Answer; raised.

Many young expectant mothers do not know that raising a pet cat can still bring so much trouble to pregnancy, so you should learn more scientific knowledge of eugenics and preferences in the early stage of pregnancy.

Of course, the pregnant mother had a bow -shaped disease before and did not have to worry too much if it passed the treatment. It was basically no threat to the fetus again.

1. From the beginning of pregnancy, the cat must be sent to a professional institution for a comprehensive test. If it is positive, it is necessary to treat the cat, and the epidemic prevention needle should be fully played.

Archlated body disease caused by Toxoplasma is a parasitic insect of human and animals. According to statistics, the infection rate of world bow-shaped parasites is 25%-50%.About 3,000 babies born in the United States are reported to have congenital bow -shaped physical diseases every year, causing deformities.Gow -shaped worms are parasitic in the cells. With the flow of blood, it reaches all parts of the whole body, destroying the brain, heart, and eyes, causing human immunity to decrease.

Therefore, during pregnancy, mothers still seriously think about raising cats, and the relationship between pros and cons.Although pets are lively and cute, this problem cannot be ignored.It is related to the health of pregnant women and fetuses.

2. There is also strengthening the management of cats, pay attention to the hygiene of cats.In daily life, we must pay attention to the hygiene of the cat’s diet. The food for cats must be cooked in pet food or high temperature. Do not give cats some raw fish or let cats go out to find them.The outside environment is the most likely to be infected with pathogenic bacteria.Even if you take a cat out to play, you must hold it with a rope. Don’t eat something outside.

3. The infection of Toxoplasma is mainly into the quasi -mother’s body through the mouth, so after finishing the cat, you must remember to wash your hands with a hand sanitizer after making a cat.Pay attention to several ways to spread, and it is more meaningful to detect your own toxoplasma antibody before pregnancy.

The stool and feeding of cats usually allow the prospective dad to do it. Try not to touch the cat as much as possible without contact.Therefore, we must take scientific ways to prevent and treat bow -shaped insect diseases. Do not hear this disease and start panic and worry. Scientific management and care can make pet cats and pregnant women get along peacefully.

Of course, if you do n’t want to pay attention to it, you can find relatives and friends to help take care of your pets if you do n’t want to pay so much attention. Send away the pet cats who have been accompanied for many years. How sad the expectant mothers will be.

If the prospective mother is reluctant, when the baby is born, she can pick up the pets. This is a way to compare the beauty.

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