When you are pregnant, the element faces the sky?Women can also use skin care products during pregnancy

Among people such as women during pregnancy, there have always been doubts: Can skin care products be used during pregnancy?Many office workers are particularly concerned about this issue. On the one hand, they are worried that skin care products composed of chemical composition will adversely affect the baby. On the other hand, because of work needs, they cannot always make themselves face.So, can women use skin care products during pregnancy?

On May 16, 2017, two college students from Xinyu College of Jiangxi to remove acne at the beauty center they founded.(Zhao Chunliang/People’s Picture)

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According to China.com, women can use skin care products during pregnancy, but the choice of skin care products is more harsh.In addition to solving skin problems and improvement of skin quality, pregnant women’s skin care products can also help women during pregnancy to establish confidence and eliminate negative emotions caused by skin problems.On the contrary, it is a must -have for women during pregnancy.

According to the "Health News", as long as the skin barrier function of pregnant women is complete, skin care products can be used, because there is a natural human body barrier, general skin care components can basically not affect the body under the epidermis, let alone the fetus.Compared with the whole body, the face absorption area is small, and the amount of skin care products absorbed by the face of the face are small.In fact, due to the changes in hormones during pregnancy, the skin of expectant mothers often occur in oil, dryness, allergies, pigmentation, capillaries, and other problems. At this time, it is necessary to take good skin care to maintain a healthy skin condition.

So, what are the taboos of women using skin care products during pregnancy?According to the Global Network, long -term use of skin care products containing certain ingredients will affect the healthy growth of the fetus, such as cosmetics containing chlorpate, cosmetics to hydroxylzyl, and preservatives.question.You should also avoid choosing cosmetics containing flavors. If you want to use a deodorant during pregnancy, you must ensure that the product does not contain ammonium chloride.At the same time, cosmetics containing vitamin A can easily cause fetal malformations. Anti -wrinkle frost, acne paste and essential oils affect the normal development of the fetus.

In addition, many women during pregnancy believe that skin care during pregnancy can reduce hydration and moisturizing.China News Network pointed out that this is actually the wrong idea. After pregnancy, due to the influence of progesterone after pregnancy, the water points in the body will decrease. If the skin is not hydrated and moisturized at this time, the skin will secrete more oils.To supplement the moisture loss in the body, the skin becomes very greasy.Therefore, pregnant women’s skin care experts suggest that women should use some skin care products with high hydration during pregnancy to nourish the skin that is dry and dehydrated during pregnancy.(Sinan)

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