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Light hyperthyroidism has little effect on pregnancy, but medium and severe hyperthyroidism can cause abortion, premature birth, fetal death palace, and fetal growth.

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Hyperthyroidism during pregnancy, including hyperthyroidism that has been diagnosed before and during pregnancy.

Most patients with hyperthyroidism during pregnancy have a clear history of hyperthyroidism before pregnancy, and the diagnosis is not difficult, and the latter case is often delayed.

Generally speaking, if pregnant women’s weight does not increase with the increase in the month of pregnancy; or the muscles of the limbs are thinner; or the heart rate of more than 100 times/min, the pulse difference is> 50mmHg, all highly indicate that there may be hyperthyroidism.At this time, it is necessary to further do armor and related antibody examinations. If the serum FT3 and FT4 are elevated, TSH decreases (<0.1miu/L), and the trab positive can be diagnosed as "hyperthyroidism during pregnancy."

It is worth noting that if there is no history of hyperthyroidism in the past, clinical manifestations, anxiety, and sweating high metabolic symptoms, but there is no signs of hyperthyroidism such as alpine, often accompanied by severe pregnancy reactions, and most of them are accompanied by pregnancy drama.TSH is reduced, FT4 is elevated, and the anti -body antibody negatives such as TRAB, TPOA, TGAB and other thyroid gland may be "fake nor nails."That is, one excessive hyperthyroidism during pregnancy is also called temporary hyperthyroidism in pregnancy. It usually occurs in early pregnancy.

Once the diagnosis of hyperthyroidism patients should conduct clinical evaluation in a timely manner, and immediately review the thyroid function and Trab. If the FT4 is normal or near normal, the drug can be discontinued.The thyroid function is detected every 1 to 2 weeks in the early pregnancy and every 2 to 4 weeks in the middle and late pregnancy.For women who have not been pregnant and have a pregnancy plan, women with hyperthyroidism are recommended, and it is recommended that the thyroid function is controlled to normal and stable before pregnancy.

Patients with hyperthyroidism during pregnancy during pregnancy, before 10 weeks of pregnancy, for treatment, commonly used drugs are methalumidazole (MMI) and propymeiramine (PTU).Preferably PTUs in early pregnancy, anti -thyroxinine therapy is required in the middle and late pregnancy. my country Guide recommends MMI, because propyolinemine can cause liver damage.While diagnosis and treatment of pregnant women with thyroid disease, they should still conduct regular prenatal examinations, and the number of prenatal examinations is increased if necessary.If the condition is found to be aggravated or inappropriate, it is not suitable for continuing pregnancy. Multi -disciplinary consultation and corresponding treatment in time.

① Patients with hyperthyroidism and low iodine diet before pregnancy can consume iodine salt before preparing for pregnancy to ensure iodine reserves with sufficient pregnancy during pregnancy.

② Women with hyperthyroidism, during pregnancy and lactation, especially during pregnancy, there is no need to strictly low iodine diet, otherwise it may cause the fetus to cause hypothyroidism and affect intellectual development.

③ WHO recommends that the iodine intake of women in the pregnancy period is 250 μg per day. The iodine intake of the my country Institute of Nutrition is 230 μg (about 6 grams) per day.

Because many pregnant women are worried that the related drugs used in hyperthyroidism will affect the growth and development of the fetus and inappropriately discontinue the anti -thyroid drugs. As a result, the level of thyroid hormone levels is increased. In addition, the pregnancy itself is a stress state for the mother. In the endIt may induce the crisis of hyperthyroidism.

Note: FT3, FT4, TSH, TRAB, TPOA, TGAB are all thyroid function testing indicators.

Disclaimer: The content view cannot be used directly as a medical diagnosis or health intervention recommendation, for reference only.Please communicate with the doctor before taking any prevention or treatment measures.


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