When you encounter a cold during pregnancy, do you use medicine or not?Recommended medicine for cold women with colds


In October, many pregnant women may suffer a cold attack.For women during pregnancy, do not "ordinary" cold. Choose "forbearance" or medication when facing a cold?What are the safe medicines?These are issues that make many women often confuse during pregnancy.

1. Principles of cold during pregnancy

At present, there is no special effect of antiviral drugs for the treatment of colds. Therefore, the clinical clinical clinical of the cold is mainly symptomatic and relieved of cold symptoms. Try to strengthen rest, properly supplement moisture, light diet, keep indoor air circulation, and avoid secondary bacterial infections.For patients with severe condition, they should take a doctor in time.Anti -virus treatment should be started as soon as possible for confirmation or suspected pregnancy.

2. What should I do if I have fever during pregnancy?

For women during pregnancy, high fever can cause risks such as teratogenic, abortion, fetal central nervous nervous nervous development, and congenital cardiovascular disease.If the body temperature does not exceed 38 ° C, heating drugs are generally not needed.It can cool down the bars such as armpits, foreheads, and groins with warm water to wipe the bath, apply ice pillows on the armpits, forehead and groin.If the body temperature exceeds 38.5 ° C and the physical cooling effect is not obvious, or the fever causes obvious discomfort, appropriate antipyretic drugs should be used for treatment.

3. How to choose analgesic medicine for colds during pregnancy?

Acetamin is a Class B in the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) pregnancy drug safety grading system, which can be used for the entire process of pregnancy to analgesic and reduce fever.Avoid aspirin, bislofen acid, ibuprofen, Aojin, and aminobilin.

4. How to choose town cough and expectorant drug during pregnancy?

Cough and phlegm drugs are generally not recommended for pregnancy women.You Meishafen FDA recommends category C medication and is disabled within 3 months of pregnancy.It can be disabled by the FDA to recommend Class C for category C, which can be disabled through the placenta barrier.

Creative pink gly gly glycerin and amproxyl are commonly used. They are disabled within 3 months of pregnancy.

5. Can colds during pregnancy use various compound cold preparations?

Because various compound cold preparations contain a variety of square components, such as acetaminophen, ibuprofen, bislofenate, aminopicly, pseudocerine, rightcelumin, chlorophenamamin, phenyrachramine, caffeine, etc.Some drugs are disabled during pregnancy, so various compound cold preparations are not recommended.

Because women during pregnancy are in a special physiological period, when taking medication, not only should we consider the condition of the mother, but also take into account the health of the fetus.When choosing a cold -related drug, you should carefully read the relevant drug manuals or consult the relevant professionals to use the medicine to reduce the risk of medication.

Affiliated Table: Common compound preparation composition, content, and recommended medication for pregnant women for treating ordinary colds

Author / Zhong Bin Laiyuan / Reasonable Medication Encyclopedia

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