When you encounter ovarian cysts during pregnancy, the baby said: Why are you bigger than me!

October conceive, once gave birth.

The expectant mothers have been looking forward to the advent of the baby since they discover the beginning of pregnancy!

However, Ms. Wang’s pregnancy was twists and turns …

Ms. Wang, 33, has finally ushered in the first pregnancy after long -term conditioning for polycystic ovary syndrome.


At the time of regular surrounding care until 28 weeks of pregnancy, Ms. Wang found that there was a huge tumor that grew much larger than the baby in her stomach.

The tumor logo CA199 also increased to 4192.10U/ml (the normal value was 0-37U/ml).

Zhang Guomei, director of the obstetrics and gynecology department of the High -tech Zone Hospital, said: The pelvic tumor is likely to be derived from the ovaries. Although the possibility of benign is high, it cannot completely rule out the possibility of ovarian cancer.Such a sudden blow made Ms. Wang uneasy and anxious, and she instantly flashed various unacceptable pictures in her mind.

Master Bao?

——The baby who has been married for so many years, how can he be willing to give him premature birth and face danger of life!

Save children?

——If it is a malignant tumor, the treatment time is delayed, and the mother’s survival is shortened.

1. Multi -disciplinary consultation

Looking at Ms. Wang, who is in trouble, Zhang Guomei, director of the obstetrics and gynecology department of the High -tech Zone Hospital of Zhengzhou Central Hospital, actively coordinated and convened multiple disciplines for consultation.

Cui Zhifei, director of the ultrasound department Cui Zhifei again in detail the situation of the pot abdominal block of the basin;

Director of Radiation Director Li Runtao personally evaluated his MRI results;

The anesthesiologist Song Huigang evaluates the risk of surgery.

2. Burst appearance

After the results and inspections of all parties, Ms. Wang and Director Zhang Guomei reached an agreement: Under the relatively enhanced survivability of the fetus after the birth ability of the fetus, the pregnancy was terminated as soon as possible.

At the time of tight monitoring until 34 weeks of pregnancy, the volume of pelvic tumors has not further increased, and various indicators have not deteriorated. Continue to be tightly monitored, and finally ushered in a critical moment of 37 weeks of pregnancy.

Children’s childbirth was successfully delivered, and Zhang Guomei carefully explored the pelvic abdominal cavity again: the tumor in the stomach really originated from the bilateral ovarian, the right ovarian cyst 20*18cm size, and the left ovary cyst 8*6cm size.

What should I do if the cyst is too large and there is no way to take out the whole stomach?

Director Zhang Guomei and his team first preset isolation around the cyst, and then strip a small mouth on the surface of the cyst. After a small amount of sac, the cyst volume reduces the volume of the cyst and removes the ovarian tumor completely.

Everything is doing it in an orderly manner …

In the end, the results of ovarian cysts repeatedly indicated that the bilateral ovarian mature cystic malignant tumors were reminded, which is a benign ovarian tumor.

On the 3rd day after the operation, Ms. Wang’s CA199 review results dropped to 1525.88u/ml, and was discharged smoothly.

One month after surgery, Ms. Wang reviewed no obvious abnormalities.Thanks to Director Zhang and his entire team in the obstetrics and gynecology department again!

Experts have something to say

What should I do when I encounter ovarian cysts during pregnancy?

Ovarian cysts were found during pregnancy

Ovarian cysts are relatively common, and some physiological can disappear without treatment.If observation does not disappear for a while, it will be treated as early as possible.Such as surgical resection or peeling, you should consider pregnancy after recovery.

Ovarian cysts during pregnancy

Pregnancy is combined with ovarian cysts. Due to the increased pregnancy uterus, it is often not easy to find, and some are affected by ovarian hormones, which is a sudden type.Most ovarian cysts are physiological cysts or benign tumors, and malignant tumors account for only 2% to 5%.

If the ovarian malignant tumor is highly suspected, in principle, according to the gestational weekly and tissue pathological grading, it is individualized after weighing the advantages and disadvantages and the risk of potential maternal fetuses.

a. Early pregnancy: Treatment as soon as possible, there is no absolute end -bounded boundary, not necessarily after 12 or 16 weeks;

b. In the middle of pregnancy: simple staging surgery and biopsy can be performed, and auxiliary chemotherapy can be performed after surgery.(Emphasize simple, the principle of pregnancy surgery is "not bigger");

c. Pregnancy: It is recommended to have a reasonable delivery from 32 to 37 weeks of pregnancy.At the same time, the cesarean section conducts a comprehensive staging surgery of ovarian malignant tumors, and the postoperative assistance is used for chemotherapy.

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