When you see a pregnant wife!The elderly wife is pregnant for one month, but her husband is determined to divorce

Li Hui was born in a scholarly door. His parents worked in a public institution and taught in school. Because of her congenital cleft lip and palate, her parents had special care of her. She also had a sister.The whole family’s palm is the pearl, so her personality has a little self, and she has been used to support from a young age.

Li Hui

Now she is in her 30s, but she still has not found her partner. In a blind date, she accidentally met Liu Ming.Liu Ming is a rural child. The family conditions are very general, but considering that he is old, Liu Mingchang is still in line with his own requirements. He is diligent and practical and serious. Li Hui feels that he is a man who can live.

So the two began to deal with each other. Less than a month of getting along, Li Hui became pregnant. The two married and married naturally.Now the two have been married for four years, but Liu Ming suddenly proposed a divorce. In four years, Li Hui had miscarriage twice and quoted it twice, and now he has another month of pregnancy.But her husband insisted on divorcing her. What is going on?

She came to the small garage leased outside her husband Liu Ming and planned to communicate again with her husband. However, Liu Ming saw Li Hui’s arrival and directly copied the guy, smashed towards Li Hui, and chased her.beat.At this time, Li Hui was still pregnant. Why should he fight so much?

Liu Ming

In the face of her husband’s chase, Li Hui dialed the 110 police call and found the police. After a while, the police came.They knocked on Liu Ming’s door and planned to understand the situation, but even if the police were present, Liu Ming couldn’t suppress the anger in his heart, and bluntly let Li Hui get out of his room.

The police asked Liu Ming to calm down first, after all, his wife Li Hui was still pregnant.But hearing this, Liu Ming was even more angry, saying that they have been separated for four months, and who is the child in the belly.Li Hui said that although they have been separated for four months, she came to Liu Ming to reconcile last month, and the two did reconcile for a few days. The child was at that time.

In this regard, Liu Ming didn’t want to be entangled too much.He said that Li Hui has been married to him for four years. In four years, she has never been to work. She is at home all day.There is no worries when working outside, it is also good.

However, Li Hui not only did not work, but also did not do housework. The burden of life was all over Liu Ming alone. Li Hui married him to enjoy blessing.Even if it is, there is more excessive one. Liu Ming is a rural child. His parents have no financial ability. After Liu Ming earns money, he will give his parents some subsidies from time to time. Parents will also give them some money to see a doctor.This attracted the dissatisfaction of his wife Li Hui.

Li Hui believes that her parents can still subsidize herself, but Liu Ming’s parents will only reach out to ask them for money. She looks down on Liu Ming’s parents in the countryside.We are not spent enough ourselves.But he forgot to support her parents as children. Her parents may have the ability to make her old, but not all parents have such ability.

Parents are old, and children take care of their parents for granted.She often made trouble with her husband Liu Ming.Liu Ming also revealed that since he and Li Hui have been divorced, Li Hui disturbed his life three times and five times.It seems like a vixen.

Liu Ming is a very hard -working person. He is a chef during the day and the guest who runs at night. As long as there is a little time, he will go out to make money.And Li Hui and him in sharp contrast, delicious and lazy, proud of asking money from the family, and refusing to support his in -laws.

At this time, Liu Ming broke out an amazing news. When Li Hui and him were together, he said that he had not married, but when the two were getting married, he saw that Li Hui’s marriage status was written in the column of the marriage status of Li Hui.It was divorced, indicating that she had married once, but chose to deceive Liu Ming in the marriage status, but at the time she was pregnant and prepared to get a marriage certificate. Liu Ming chose to forgive her.

But after that, Li Hui did what his parents did made him hate this woman very much.One year, Liu Ming’s father fell and broke his two ribs. He wanted to go to the hospital to take care of his father, but Li Hui resolutely not let him go: "What are you going to do, don’t ask you for money."

Not only that, Li Hui did not allow her husband Liu Ming to go back on all the festivals and Liu Ming’s parents’ birthday, but they were afraid of her husband to give the in -laws money.

In the end, Li Hui attributed the unfortunate blessing of marriage and Liu Ming: Liu Ming should not find a woman like her, and should find a rural woman working with him, who is willing to support his parents instead of himself.

So this is the end, and the relationship between the two has no room for recovery, so they can only divorce.But for this child, Li Hui did not want to kill it. She said angrily that she must give birth to the child, let this child become Liu Ming’s bond for life, his dragging product, so that he would have to treat this child all his life.Responsible.

But she did not expect that this child was not only Liu Ming, but also her own. Is it really worth looking for a man with her own child?Even if the child’s life is destroyed, it is just to make yourself happy. What is the meaning of this?

In the end, under the persuasion of the crowd, the two reached an agreement, the two proceeded to divorce, Li Hui killed the child, and Liu Ming compensated her for 40,000 yuan.In this regard, the relationship between the two came to an end.

At the beginning of the relationship, we must fully understand each other’s personality habits. At this time, do not need to enter the marriage in a hurry. Under the long -term understanding, I feel that the other party can accompany themselves for a lifetime. Under this premise, I plan to get married.After getting married, you need to be tolerant of each other. You must know that the two people who do not fully fit the world are slowly running in.To see the other party’s efforts and make their own efforts for Xiaojia. If all the burdens are pressed on the other party, then this marriage will lose its original meaning, and the husband and wife are going to work together.

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