Where did the "aunt" go after pregnancy?Doctors generally don’t say, women must know in their hearts

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As a woman is actually a very troublesome thing, such as having children and "relatives" that must come every month, they are all exclusive to women, so girls must be better to themselves.Where did the "aunt" go after pregnancy?Doctors generally do not say that women have to know in their hearts.

Orange Orange has made a boyfriend who is married for the purpose of marriage. It was already close to the stage of talking about marriage.After all, the two of them are young, and they are not anxious about asking children to wait for a while after marriage, but sometimes things are often contrary to their wishes.

One day Orange found that his holiday this month has been postponed for almost two weeks, and these days have a bad stomach pain, and your body feels uncomfortable.Under the advice of her boyfriend, I went to the hospital for examination. The results of the examination came out of their expectations. The doctor said that the orange orange was pregnant.The young couple first heard that they were completely stunned because the incident suddenly had no psychological preparation. At this time, Orange Orange asked a question that made the doctor feel helpless: "Where did the aunt go after pregnancy?" Doctors generally won’t generally not.Said, this kind of attempt to understand itself.

Where did the aunt go?

According to doctors, women’s holidays are because women’s ovaries will ovulate regularly every month. If the eggs are not fertilized, the endometrium will fall off, and then the broken uterine endometrium and blood will be discharged from the female body. This is a regular leave.After women are pregnant, the combination of eggs and sperm into fertilized eggs will bed on the inner wall of the uterus, so the endometrium will not fall off, and there will be no examples. This is why the aunt disappeared after the woman’s pregnancy disappeared.

How to prepare for pregnancy:

The best age for fertility

Women have the best age production age. Women who are over 35 years old are already considered older. The risk of producing older women is very large. Pregnant women have risks such as difficulty in giving birth and difficulty in their health.The chance of deformity and the chance of suffering from genetic diseases.Older women are not recommended to produce. This is also the risk of life for pregnant women, and cannot meet the standards of eugenics.Children’s health.

Prenatal care

Maternal examination is one thing that every pregnant woman must do during pregnancy. Every item in the birth checkup must be done. Don’t refuse to check if you feel impossible.Full.The birth check is important to eliminate some unhealthy situations of the fetus in time. Some can be treated in time, and some can be given up as soon as possible. This is for scientific preparing for pregnancy and eugenics.Delude.

Raise your body

It is important to regulate the body of a pregnant woman in scientific pregnancy. This is the responsibility of the health of the pregnant woman and the fetus.During the preparation and pregnancy, you must pay attention to the lightness and nutrition of the diet, and supplement all the nutritional elements that all need. Since all the nutritional elements that the baby needs is obtained from the mother’s body, the mother must supplement herself enough nutrition.The next thing is the problem of rest. First of all, we must ensure that sufficient sleep time, do not stay up late, do not let yourself tired, and do not do anything particularly hard. Proper exercise is necessary, but pay attention to your own good.rest.

Women’s pregnancy is a very important and hard work, which can be regarded as one of their life events for women.As a woman, we must first care for themselves. Some knowledge about women’s physiological is like the problem that the female in the case does not see the holiday after pregnancy. The woman must be clear.There must also be prepared for eugenics, including examinations in the early stages of pregnancy and examination during pregnancy. Including pregnant women themselves, they should also pay attention to health management of the body. Babies who have healthy babies are the wishes of each parent.

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