Where does the baby dream come from, does it really have a predictive function?

Every pregnant mother has done a baby dream about the baby. In the dreams, we can clearly feel whether the "baby" is in the stomach. It can even distinguish the baby’s gender.There are many Bao moms report that "we are born when we dream of a big snake!" Boys are boys! "Moms are no stranger to such dreams, but they feel extremely amazing. Do you really have a predictive function?

Every woman will involuntarily expect the future baby’s endless expectations. The upgraded mothers naturally think about the baby, and they will also associate with things in life. All are related to "cute and cute".Animals can extend on the baby’s body. This is an instinct of the mother and is not controlled by the brain nerves.When we come into contact with comfort and feel good feelings, we will increase this feeling infinitely in the dream; if the pregnant woman is stimulated or painful, it will also stimulate the mother’s nerves in the dream, showing extremely incomparableWorrying and fear, in general, the emotional and feelings of pregnant women are the main reason for the formation of fetal dreams.

In the early pregnancy, my mother usually dreams of all kinds of cute animals. This is the manifestation of the mother’s release of motherly love. It is precisely because of great expectations that I can’t help but give all the beauty to the baby.Some mothers also have a dream of "panic" because of the early pregnancy and other pregnancy reactions. This is caused by the sullenness.

In the second trimester, many mothers have changed a lot because of the stability and nutrition of the fetus, and the dreams have changed a lot. The gender of the baby in the stomach will not be able to independently speculate. We will "seate" according to the experience and laws of the "predecessor".In fact, the baby’s gender or male or female is not very difficult. It has been positioned during the period of fertilized eggs, so many people are just coincidental.

The growth of the fetus in the third trimester is faster. After early concerns, the mother will have some anxiety in the later period, and there will be some anxiety in the later period. In addition, it is not advisable to communicate sexual exchanges in the later stages. Many Baoma will have "sex dreams".It is normal to have sex dreams, and the longer the interval between husband and wife communication, the more likely to appear. This is just a compensation psychology of pregnant women.

The dream of fetal dreams is just a continuation that the mother feels, so the emotional peace or not can directly change the content of the dream, we should not be superstitious.Some mothers can indicate the state of the baby’s baby. This is also the result of the mother’s usually attention and analysis. The human brain is a very magical organ. When the night is quiet, the available information can be automatically screened for analysis.Dreamland.

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