Whether breast milk has nothing to do with the body shape of the mother, and it is related to these factors.

The benefits of breastfeeding are recognized by more and more mothers.Pure natural breast milk nutrients are very rich, and the immune activity factors have many benefits to the baby’s body development.Breast milk is particularly easy to digest and absorb. Children who eat breast milk are more immune and do not like to get sick.Moreover, breastfeeding is also good for the mother’s body, which can reduce the occurrence of many breast diseases.If the baby is born with sufficient breast milk, people will say that this child has "grain" by himself, which is really blessed.

Yingying is a slim beauty. After pregnancy, she pays attention to supplementing nutrition every day, but she is not meat.This pregnant woman’s belly became bigger every day, but her limbs and body were still slim.The baby is about to be full, and Yingying’s weight is less than 120 pounds, and the child is less than 100 pounds after giving birth.But the son is still fat, there are more than seven pounds.

The child is going to give birth. Yingying has already intended to give her child breastfeeding, but after her baby was born, she felt like she had no response.She tried to feed the child twice, the child couldn’t suck the milk, and he cried.My mother -in -law hurriedly brought milk powder, the baby "Guru" – "Guru" – "Guru" drank, and soon he was full, and he entered the dreamland sweetly.

My mother -in -law said, "Every day is to lose weight and lose weight. What is the use of such a beautiful body? Even a child will not be full. If this is the mother’s breast milk, it is not cold and hot, the child eats immediately when he is hungry.It’s less troublesome. "

Just when Yingying wanted to give up, when she simply asked her son to drink milk powder, the doctor told her that some people had breast milk early, and some people had breast milk late and let her insist on letting the child suck.At the beginning, children can’t eat enough to match some milk powder.Later, more and more milk became more and more.When their mother and son were discharged from the hospital, the child was able to eat full of breast milk and no longer drink milk powder.

The mother -in -law is full of joy now, and Bao Ma Yingying is also very proud. Although her body is thin, her son is very fat and is very nutritious at first glance.She said that she was broken, and the thin mother must have insufficient breast milk rumors.

After the mother is born, the breast milk is sufficient. In fact, it does not have much to do with the fat and thinness of the figure.There are also women who desperately supplement their nutrition after giving birth, but they have a fat, but they do not have much milk. The child is so hungry.

How much is milk secreted and what factors are related to the mother after giving birth to a child?Remember these points, I hope your baby can also eat "full meal".

Ⅰ. After giving birth to a child, make milk earlier.

Just after giving birth to a child, it is the weakest period of my mother’s body.All kinds of physical discomfort and various pains make the mother have no energy at all.However, there is another kind of waiting for you than having a child, and it is to give your baby milk.

Generally, doctors will recommend that the mother can let the baby eat breast milk half an hour after giving birth.The sooner the mother gives the baby milk, the earlier the milk secretion.Because the baby’s sucking movement can stimulate the mother’s pituitary gland to secrete prolactin, the more easily the mother will produce breast milk.When the baby eats breast milk, the mother must endure the pain at first, but do not give up. The novice mothers must be strong.

Ⅱ. Mom eats more foods that are conducive to breast milk.

In the past, people’s living standards were not high.Some mothers are called "milk" constitution.If you eat some fishy foods, there are more milk. When you eat fish, the milk is less, so it is called "milk".

This also shows that such as pork rib soup, catfish soup, and hoof soup, these foods are functioning for mothers’ secretion of milk.Nowadays, family living standards have improved. We must ensure that they have sufficient and balanced nutrition after giving birth, and make more foods that are conducive to milk for mothers.

Ⅲ. Mom must learn to regulate and control her emotions, and make the milk sufficient.

The secretion of mothers has a lot to do with emotions. Many mothers quit milk when they are sad and angry during breastfeeding.After the mother produces, because of the changes in hormones, the mood is easy to fluctuate, so the family should try to experience the feelings of the mother and keep the mother as much as possible.

充. Mom should maintain sufficient sleep time, and the milk is better.

The breastfeeding mother is very hard. The child will wake up several times at night, and the mother’s sleep is greatly affected.Originally, my mother had just giving birth to a child, insufficient blood and physical discomfort, and insufficient sleep caused excessive fatigue, which would also affect milk secretion.Therefore, when the baby is sleeping, the mother must take the time to rest for a while to ensure sufficient sleep, and do not be too tired and nervous.

Maternal love is the greatest. It is not easy to raise a child. I hope that the mother and baby can spend every day healthy and peaceful.

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