Which day after menstruation is the highest?It is not difficult to grab the "golden pregnancy", it is not difficult to have a baby

Women’s menstrual cycle per month is divided into three stages, namely menstrual period, ovulation period and safety period.If you do n’t intend to have a child who is a child, you can choose a safe period in the same room, but it is best to take contraceptive measures to prevent women who want a child, you can choose the ovulation period. Once a woman discharges eggs, it can be combined with sperm to combine with sperm.Women will get pregnant.So, which day after menstruation is the highest? Let’s take a look.

Generally, women have entered the ovulation period on the ninth day after menstruation, and the ovulation period generally lasts ten days.If the husband and wife live at this stage, the probability of pregnancy will naturally be much higher.This is mainly because the quality of the eggs during this period is very good, so it is easy to get pregnant.

Because the ovarian has the strongest fertilization ability within 15-18 hours after the ovaries are discharged from the ovaries, the quality of the eggs during this period is also very good, and the fertilization ability can reach about 30 hours.After this time, the eggs begin to degenerate, so the ability to fertilize will slowly weaken or disappear.Therefore, the possibility of getting pregnant in the same room in the same room is still quite high.

1. Character temperature change

Before and after ovulation, the body temperature of our bodies will go through a significant comparison between low temperature and high temperature period.From the beginning of ovulation to the next menstrual menstruation (about two weeks), the body temperature generally increases by about 0.5 ° C; and before the ovulation of the menstruation, the basic temperature will enter the low temperature period, often below 36, often lower than 36℃.

2, leucorrhea changes

Leucorrhea is the vaginal secretion of women, which is closely related to the role of estrogen.When the ovulation period is coming, the secretion of leucorrhea will increase, and at the same time, it will be brushed, the texture is thin, like an egg white.In this case, leucorrhea will make sperm easier, and the chance of conception will increase.

3. Increase physiological needs

During the ovulation of women, the level of estrogen secretion has increased, so sexual demand will be stronger than usual.And because of the changes in hormones, the symptoms may be accompanied by breast pain, etc. These are normal.

The above is the introduction of several symptoms during ovulation. If you want to get pregnant early, you must count the ovulation period and hurry up the same room. Maybe the baby will come next month.Consider whether it is a tubal tube, you should take a timely consultation.

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