Which paragraphs on the Internet can make people laugh?Season 42


Three months ago, the company came with a new colleague and especially liked to drink and brag, and was very temper for me.

So, I asked him to eat the roadside stalls for three days, drinking and bragging.

It wasn’t until this morning that he drove Rolls Royce to pick me up to work in his company. I realized that only this month, only I was bragging, and he said all.


When I went to work in the morning, I saw an old man falling, and stepped forward to help him.

Unexpectedly, the old man would not let me go, and said that I hit him.

I said, "Uncle, we don’t bring people, there are monitoring here."

The old man said, "Look early, no."

Dare to be so rampant without monitoring?So I put him back to the ground and went away.


I really do n’t understand why there are wolfberry in the instant noodle vegetable bag?I have fallen to eat instant noodles, is it still to keep healthy?


One day I walked on the road, and suddenly a little Zheng Tai said to me, "Auntie, can you marry me?"

I was secretly happy in my heart, haha, this little Zhengtai is so vision!

So he joked to him, "Hey, don’t you dislike your aunt fat?"

Who knew the child said, "I don’t care, just look like you, standing in front of my parents and teachers, who I dare to bully me."


"Sending tea leaves, how can you let the leader know that tea is expensive?"

"This is enough for you to judge a slow."


Drive to the company early in the morning, and stopped the Cayenne next to the red light. It was a beauty.

Putting down the window and a glance, I said confidently, "It must be two milk."

Maybe the sound was a bit loud, and the beauty was heard. It looked a bit displeased. Just when the light was green, I ran and ran.

I saw Cayenne’s accelerator catch up, put down the window and shouted, "Have you ever seen Er milk work early?"


One of the criteria for the judgment of middle -aged men is the tone when answering the call to say "Hey".

The second sound is young people, the fourth voice is young people, and "WAI" is a middle -aged man who is 40 years old.


Dad is going to sleep and tells his son: "If there are guests come, it will be called Dad."

The son nodded and agreed. After a while, Pharaoh next door came to the door.

The son opened the door and yelled sweetly: "Dad."

The old king said excitedly: "Child, you finally know."


A friend of my friend flickered last year, saying that he would commit peach blossoms this year, and he would be deeply hurt by a woman who suddenly appeared.

Yesterday he was hit by an an aunt by an electric car at the corner, and he was still lying in the hospital.


Buy a mask at the pharmacy and see a man who bought a pregnancy and testing paper, and read the manual.

I told him that this can only be tested without pregnancy, and it can’t be tested whether it is yours.

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