Who collapsed the house again?CP business officer Xuan was married and had children, or did you get pregnant before unmarried?

Tonight interactive topic:

Can you accept the party in the business period CP, do you suddenly take the initiative to officially announce the marriage and child?

I can not.

I will scold and run away immediately

This should be a thunder point for many CP powder?

However, the male lead car Ruiyuan rushed into the "muzzle" of the male main car of the Korean big BL drama "Non -intentional Love Story",

This ▼

Announced that being a father will be issued by the way and plan to get a marriage statement,

The wedding will be held after his retirement.

(Yes, he joined the army in November last year, and his wife was unmarried first, so familiar storyline, Golden Bell Big EMM …)

The woman is his five -year -old actor Yan Xianjing,

Not a well -known actor in South Korea,

The dramas such as "Sirius" and "Long Live Love" are more unfamiliar with domestic audiences.

But she has a fixed program "Happy Together3",

He hosted with Liu Zaishi,

Starting in 2016 and leaving the show in 2018.

When she and Che Ruiyuan filmed "The Second Husband" in 2021, she was in love because of the drama.

In fact, when I met this sister, I saw him,

The show was shot by Ruiyuan.

In the past, this must be "Congratulations to Congratulations to Congratulations",

But this time it is basically a state of scolding ▼


Killed people,

Hate to death,

Should be red,


Han Fan even wanted to go to the army to slap him.

No accident,

After all, he chose Chuangfei CP powder first.

Because the official announcement of getting married and being a father, this time,

The BL drama "Non -intentional Love Story" starring in him is still in business period.

It was surprising at first seeing the start of the news,

Although many people know Che Ruiyuan because of "Non -intentional",

But this brother is actually a positive actor,

Graduated from the graduate student of the Academy of Drama at the University of Art.

The earliest in 2013 played a dragon role in "Heirs" ▼

Li Baona (Zheng Xiujing )’s blind date,

Later, he also starred in the family drama "Diverse Daughter -in -law" and the love drama "The 20th Century Boys and Girls".

But it’s not very hot,

The real male play is the "Second Husband" played by him and his wife,

He also won the MBC Acting Awards Daily Drama Department Men’s Best Acting Award for this drama.

Another male lead Kong Chan is a member of the Blood Type B1A4,

This group has also been a big fire,

It is considered to be the first group of popularity in South Korea’s debut men’s group in 2011.

Win 8 newcomers awards in your debut,

There are new gold records with high gold content and the newcomer award of the Seoul Ballad Awards,

In 2013, songs are often obtained,

At the time, Li Xiaoli and 4minute (the first group before).

185cm actor and 181cm front -weep men’s group Aidou both went to the sea,

This configuration is more legend!

The setting in the play is also very good!

One is to be cold and jealous of others with coldness to others ▼

Never eat burnt things,

But because you are feeding, you will open your mouth without hesitation.

No one can approach you ten miles.

One is soft, cute but brave straight ball puppy ▼

Don’t worry, I will take your hand anyway.

again and again.

Family people, it’s really beautiful!

And Che Ruiyuan’s acting skills really have nothing to say,

The performance is delicate and layered ▼

(I heard LP say you don’t want to see your own response)

The eyes and throat knots are very good at acting ▼

(He will use his opponent’s actor photos to perform eyes in private)

Cold alienation after being hurt ▼

The crushing feeling containing tears in the eyes is very good ▼ ▼

Especially the crying scene where the other party lied to himself was absolutely!

"I can’t judge what your plan is now …"

"What is your sincerity …"

After speaking, a drop of tears dripped on the opponent’s face.

The actor still has two brushes,

I will add my own ideas and design in the performance,

For example, holding a person is holding his neck and hugging,

Who knows that cherish and heartbeat!IntersectionIntersection

Let everyone look at it in the play,

The outside of the play is also very good ▼

During the siege:

"I only took this drama because of Kong Can."

It is a joke relationship between shyness.

"I will be excited when I first filmed KISS play with Kong Can."

"It’s my soul companion."

It is easy for the two to laugh at a pair,

The natural shy atmosphere that can be talked about,

Is it so happy?

It’s cold to warm your ears!

After shooting, I will leave a video for Kong Chan’s mobile phone,

"Chany, my love …"

No wonder it was died in the later period ▼

Che Ruiyuan also set up a comic photo on INS,

Say I love this drama!

What a good story and actor,

Therefore, after the play was broadcast, both fans or starringrses are working hard to promote.

Kong Chan hugged his humanoid and ran back and forth,

I can only interact with the humanoid,

I went to get a card for fans alone to support it,

And various online live promotion,

Che Ruiyuan will also read live messages after joining the army:

"I, I’m following."

"I cried, why did this be like this?"

"Sorry, Chi Yuanying."

"Yuan Ying, I will go home next year."

"Turning my winter into spring, thank you very much, will always be your season."

Everyone is working hard not to let this good work be buried,


There are surroundings ▼

There is a movie version ▼

Released on June 14.

The voices of the second part are getting higher and higher,

Everyone is waiting for Teacher Che to retire to shoot the second season,

Everything is developing in a good direction.

At this time,

Che Ruiyuan was one -click official and became a father and married,

There were stable interactions in half a day.

Think more about it, it’s even more angry,

Talking about love and shooting, Yanmei,

I joined the army as soon as I finished shooting,

During this period, my girlfriend was pregnant,

After the play was broadcast, he did not need to run offline to promote it,

You are easy to be,

Other starring actors hold his human figure and set up actively,

He sent a good news from the troops.

Then the play fans ran away, bought the surrounding white,

The movie that is about to be released is postponed,

Not to mention whether there is a second season

No wonder the CP fan is going crazy

Very good, Chuangfei fans also sent away the popularity of his 10 -year acting career …

So everyone understands that he will be scolded, right?

It’s not that the actors who have played BL are in love and marry.

But at least during the period of CP more and more popular,

Don’t let fans ‘efforts and colleagues’ hard business become a joke …

(Whose life is not life)

The most abused is that Che Ruiyuan’s handwriting letter did not mention this drama and colleagues …

(He knows how to let CP powder be completely disappointed)

Who knows? I was still re -brushing this drama a few days ago

The timing of the official announcement is really wrong, brother, brother,

Is it so difficult to announce when the movie is released?

You see the little couples of "Dark Glory" all know that after the drama is over, the relationship is open,

The male lead and the second drama of the villain are together.

Of course, there are also the credit of the director’s advice,

"Do not expose love saying before the end of the TV series."

(Can you write this condition into the contract in the future? You talk about it, just don’t expose it during the propaganda period)

Of course, we will change the CP thousands of millions.

The most unlucky is the other male lead Kong Chan,

After experiencing members who retired and joined the army,

After the strong strike of the new generation group,

The combination of only three people is actually not very good.

I have been working tepidly,

I finally met a good work,

After having an audition opportunity, I immediately bought the comics and read it,

The whole shooting was very hard, and even the show could not be played …

Operations are also very active, everything to do!

As a result now …

I really responded to the original sentence:

What about it …

Let netizens say for me:

Che Ruiyuan, Koreans’s own Musupa

Musupa is also quite famous in the CP circle!

(Say gritted teeth)

I played the BL drama "Hanging with Love" Thai actor Meew ▼

He has a very hot CP with another male lead in this drama.


They have been really hot for a while,

The domestic CP superprooper can be ranked first.

It was once like a conjoined baby that was tightly divided into ▼

But you know the CP in Thailand,

It is difficult to distinguish you, true, false, and false,

Both of them interacted ▼ ▼

Hug back and hug your relatives high,

Even the real -name forest wedding was held.

MEW is also talking about love,

"If no accident, he will be my future."

"I ran two cities and worshiped nine temples and asked for a MeWGull."

Too much … I can’t finish it all night!

So don’t blame CP powder as true,

Everyone will be deceived "These two are true" …

The difference is public.

However, after the series of "Living with Love" series, the two have never cooperated again.

Who knows that after two years of MEW violent unbinding,

I sent several tweets to face the face CP powder ▼

"What did I do make you feel true, if you misunderstood me to apologize …"

(Isn’t this a scumbag spoke?)

Ironics CP powder has mental illness,

"If you have a mental illness, please call 1323."

Not only does it in turn educate CP powder,

He even gave them popular science to sell rot …

What do this brother think?

After eating so many CP dividends now?

The cake tower gift formed by the money rolled by the CPF was collected,

The back foot says that CPF is troublesome.

So outrageous,

Obviously, time can dissipate everything, you have to find the most embarrassing way of unbinding …

I want to talk so much, I want to say so much,

Love Doudou’s rising period does not fall in love,

The actor does not take the initiative to explode the relationship during the business period,

As soon as the business period is over, it will end the decentness,

Since they are all holding a low pay,

Then respect the fans.

Is there any drama’s CP chasing more smoothly?

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