Who said a boy and a girl?Men or woman?

Baby or female baby?Who did a boy and a girl say?I believe many people have such questions. Life is wonderful. Today, let’s discuss the mystery of life together.

In the past, the elderly in the village often saw who the daughter -in -law was pregnant. When they met, they would ask others who like to eat sour or spicy. They say that the sour girl is spicy.It is girls who eat spicy food. In fact, I seem to be more like an experience. There is no scientific verification. It is often a saying of the elderly. I wonder if you heard this?

There is another saying that the older generation is to see the belly of pregnant women. It is said that the tip of the belly is having a boy, and the belly is a girl. This statement is also based on experience.I really can’t tell the truth.

What determines gender? Before we talked about the experience of the older generation, let’s take a look at the scientific explanation. According to the current medicine, living boys and women mainly depend on the children’s father.This is mainly to say that our chromosomes are 23 pairs in total of our genetic material "chromosomes", half of which come from the mother and the other half from the father.Among the 23 pairs of chromosomes, 22 are symmetrical as an ingredients, and the ingredients mainly determine our height, appearance, and so on. The other pair of sex chromosomes will determine our gender.Women’s sex chromosomes are XX, while men are XY.In the process of decomposition and division of male spermatic cells, XY chromosomes will separate each other.In this way, there are two types of germ cells (sperm), each of which contains half of the original homologous chromosomes, either X or Y.The sex chromosomes of women are XX, and only X chromosomes are carried in the eggs. When the sperm of the Y -shaped chromosomes is combined with the egg cells, the descendants are boys, and the number of X -type sperm and yam is equal. The essence rate is basically basicallyThe top is 50%.

Therefore, it seems that men and girls are mainly for men. Of course, whether boys or girls are the same, boys have good boys, girls have girls, do you agree?

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