Who said that stretch marks are inevitable, a few tricks teach you to drive away the annoying "flower belly"

It is said that women can be a princess for ten months. There is no doubt that this is the time when she is pregnant in October.During this period, you can ignore your figure and be full of whatever you want. This should be the mentality of many expectant mothers who are pregnant.The mother eats well, looks fat, and does not lack nutrition, so that the baby can grow fat and fat. Even if you do n’t eat, the family is constantly persuading to eat, sending the food to your hands.It is difficult to refuse.Many expectant mothers have prepared for good skin and good figures, and believe that obesity and stretch marks are inevitable.

In fact, not every woman will have stretch marks. There are countless hot moms who wear bikinis and smooth belly after giving birth to children. Why can others be so beautiful, but you have to focus on "flower belly"?Although stretch marks are not harmful to physical health, it really affects the aesthetics and will cause trouble to some couples. Some mothers will also have great mental stress and psychological burden, which will seriously affect the quality of life.If you have this distress, look at the following and try to drive away the annoying stretch marks!

Stretch marks are a kind of expansion pattern and a pathological skin change occurred during pregnancy.Early manifestations were dark red or purple stripes, and then the pigment was lost and atrophied. Finally, a white or silver stripe was presented after stability.The stretch marks are mainly distributed in the abdomen, and it can also be seen in the proximal end of the chest, back, hip and limbs.Stretch marks are very common in women, and 60%to 90%of pregnant women are troubled by stretch marks.

At present, the emergence of stretch marks is due to the expansion of the skin during pregnancy with the expansion of subcutaneous tissue (fat and muscles), which has gradually stretched, causing damage to the dermis connective tissue, collagen fiber and elastic fiber damage, causing the stretch and elasticity at the lesion to weaken, Resulting in striped skin damage.Although it is called stretch marks, it is not unique to during pregnancy. This change can also be seen in people with excessive weight and obesity.

There are generally no obvious symptoms after stretch marks. Most expectant mothers with stretch marks only manifest in the belly or other parts of the skin "itching" in the early stages of pregnancy.

After a long time, you will find that the skin surface has light blood color stripes, and some expectant mothers will have tightness and discomfort.As the gestational week gradually increases, some stretch marks are manifested as coffee and old blood -like leather patterns, and the discomfort disappears.

After the fetus is delivered, the mothers’ organs and tissues gradually return to the state of pregnancy, but the stretch marks that have been produced cannot disappear. They will gradually degenerate and the color fades. Eventually they become white or silver stripes.As a result, it seriously affects beauty and life.

Stretch marks are the distress of many new mothers, but not every mother after pregnancy. Although there is no clear conclusion of the exact cause of stretch marks, related research has also found a lot of high -risk factors that cause stretch marks, which can be cited.Think of the ring.

[During pregnancy, the volume increases too fast]

Multiple studies have shown that excessive growth during pregnancy is the risk factors that occur in the abdominal stretch marks of expectant mothers.The risk of gauge growth during pregnancy is more than 5.149 times the risk of abdominal stretch marks in the recommendation range of the abdominal.The more heavier before pregnancy, the more growth during pregnancy, and the higher the risk of stretch marks in multiple pregnancy.

The reason may be due to the relatively large fat content of female abdominal accumulation before pregnancy and pre -delivery.Essence

【History of Stretch Illness Family History】

The stretch marks are also related to heredity. Some scholars conducted a survey and the results showed that their mother had the risk of stretch marks with stretch marks, which was 7 times higher than women who did not have stretch marks.Studies have shown that genetic mutations inherited from the mother can cause fibrin, elastic protein and fibrobine -dimensional adhesive protein expression, which leads to the occurrence of stretch marks, indicating that the occurrence of stretch marks may have a certain family heredity.If your mother has stretch marks, then you must be careful when you are pregnant.

[Less exercise during pregnancy]

Studies have shown that irregular exercise during pregnancy or less than 30 minutes of daily exercise is the risk factors that are also generated by stretch marks.The possible reasons are as follows: On the one hand, regular exercise can effectively control the amount of pregnancy during pregnancy, make the waist and abdominal muscles stronger, better skin elasticity, and reduce the accumulation of fat in the abdomen; on the other hand, it may accelerate with exercise.Blood circulation makes the oxygen and moisture in the blood more effectively transmitted to skin cells, which makes the skin related to elasticity.

["Sit" or "Don’t sit"?.

In modern society, many expectant mothers who work with brain power have been habitually sitting for a long time.Some people compare the relationship between "sedentary" and "sitting" and the severity of stretch marks in different parts of the women in different parts of the women in different parts of the women who have produced stretch marks.

The probability of stretch marks in sedentary is higher, but the incidence of stretch marks in the abdomen of women for a long time is significantly lower than that of a maternal in the shortcoming;Essence

Women who are sedentary for a long time are weak waist and abdomen, and the waist and abdomen muscles are strong. Therefore, the abdominal factor of the maternal abdominal factor increased and swollen, which is more likely to cause the shallow layered elastic fiber to break.The lady’s abdominal muscles are stronger for a long time, so the abdomen will not be excessively relaxed and expanded due to pregnancy, so the number of stretch marks produced is mostly lighter.However, the sedentary maternal leg stretch marks have a higher rate of stretch marks, which is related to the accumulation of leg fat caused by the sedentary. At the same time, due to the negligence of the maternal legs of the sedentary maternity, the muscle strength is relatively weak, and the degree of stretch marks on the legs is often comparedHeavy.

It seems that after pregnancy, you still have to move more. Don’t sit for a long time. Although the belly is less pattern, the thighs and hips are not cost -effective.

Due to the universality and permanentness of stretch marks, it destroys the aesthetics, which affects its emotions and affects the quality of life.Therefore, the treatment of stretch marks has always been a hot spot in the medical community. The treatment methods are also being explored, mainly including external drug treatment and instrumental treatment.

[Drug treatment, these are useless]

Study on the study of cocoa cream, bitter almond oil, and olive oil shows that since the second pregnancy, pregnant women who use these products to apply abdomen are compared with pregnant women who do not intervene.There is no significant effect of preventing stretch marks. Therefore, it is not recommended to use them to prevent the occurrence of stretch marks.However, using these local skin moisturizers can make the mothers feel happy, and it also has a certain effect on relieving itching. It has certain benefits, but do not expect them to make the pregnancy stripes never appear.

There are also some active creams that remove stretch marks, such as vitamin A, and ethanol acid combined with vitamin A. The vitamin ointment is valid in small -scale experiments. However, there are few related research during pregnancy, which is limited, and is not conventional treatment.

【Instrumental therapy】

This is currently the main method for treating stretch marks, including: RELUME photon pigment regeneration instruments, radio frequency therapy instruments, laser therapy instruments, etc., can achieve the effect of diluting stretch marks and reducing pigmentation.Mothers with severe stretch marks can try, but remember to go to a regular hospital.

The treatment of stretch marks is the most critical in preventing problems in continuous research.

1. The purpose of proper massage is to resist weight gain to pull the skin elastic fiber, promote blood circulation, and reduce edema.

2. Persist in exercise and pay attention to exercise, increase muscle elasticity, and dilute stretch marks generated by hips and thighs due to fattering during pregnancy.Exercise can promote the elimination of the body’s metabolism and waste, and it can also maintain the body, tighten the muscles of the abdomen and hips, and increase skin elasticity.When you are pregnant, you can take a walk appropriately after meals. Sitting appropriately, which is not only conducive to controlling weight, but also conducive to future production.

3. Before the diet of balanced nutrition and pre -diet, pay attention to maintaining balance. Eat more foods rich in vitamins and minerals, cellulose, eat more fish, lean meat, vegetables, fruits and other foods to ensure the nutritional needs of yourself and the fetusEssenceTry to avoid greasy and fried foods, and pay attention to the gradual growth of weight after pregnancy to avoid excessive weight growth and control weight within a reasonable range.

With the gradual improvement of the education level, the consciousness of pre -pregnancy examination, health care, and postpartum recovery has also improved. In addition to completing the goal of childbirth and childbearing, women also have certain requirements for their own forms.It should be the best fertility experience of modern women.Everyone is beautiful, I believe you can!

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