Who said that the quality of eggs can be pregnant?You can hug your baby too

Breeding refers to the process of successful sperm and eggs. Don’t look at a short sentence that summarizes the entire process of women’s breeding. In fact, each step is full of technical difficulty.This includes: with strong sperm and energy -rich eggs to achieve a high -quality fertilized egg. After layer of steps, the pregnant mother can have a healthy and intelligent baby!

However, with the acceleration of the pace of life, many young people carry the pressure of mortgage, life, social work, etc., often staying up late, lacking exercise, eating fast food, etc. Such a poor lifestyle, leading to the increase in infertility patients.reduce.Among them, due to the poor quality of eggs, it is common for women to wait for the superior eggs.

This one to say today -Miss Su, 29 years old, used to have poor ovarian function because of her living habits. There are almost no superior eggs for fertilization. FortunatelyAfter conditioning from physical and mental to the inside, after Ms. Su was monitored to the condition of superior follicles, she seized the opportunity to try the same room for pregnancy and finally ushered in pregnancy!No, she was infertile for many years, and she was very happy. She also launched a candy in the corridor of the hospital to pass the gestational gas!

Fortunately, Ms. Su launched a wedding candy in the hospital corridor!

Seeing this, I presumably a lot of friends are puzzled. Will there be a dysplasia of eggs at the age of 29?What are the causes?In response to this problem, we invited Director Wu Yulan to analyze for us:

1. Antivia

This is caused by poor ovarian development. Common diseases include pituitary prolactin, hyperteremia, etc. This situation should be went to the hospital to check in time to see which factors cause the follicle development to cause the follicle development.Effectively restore ovulation.

2. Premature ovarian failure

When many women are at a certain age, premature ovarian failure will occur, which will cause follicle dysplasia.Under normal circumstances, patients are prone to scarce menstruation or even amenorrhea during menstruation. Even if they are used with promotional drugs, they cannot occur again. Most of them will appear on women after menopause.

3. Polycystic ovary syndrome

At first, Ms. Su was the cause of the cause of the follicles that did not develop the cause of the follicles. It was not ovulation every month, but there were multiple small follicles appearing every month, but they often developed immature. Such patients wanted to wantPregnancy is a relatively hard thing.

"Therefore, when the above phenomenon affects fertility, on the one hand, we must actively take the doctor, and fully evaluate the fertility of both men and women, and then choose a treatment plan that suits them. In addition, bad living schedule is also a key cause of poor egg qualityFirst, I suggest that female friends should reduce the intake of high sugar, high oil, and high -fat foods daily, eat more fresh vegetables, and increase the intake of high -quality protein in an appropriate amount. In additionSleep; Finally, keep a peaceful mentality. After adjusting the physical condition, you can wait for the flowers to get pregnant! "Director Wu promptly reminded.

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