Who said that there are many bad places in the same room during pregnancy?You can’t think of these three benefits, you are really eye -opening!

In the eyes of most people, women are prohibited from the same room after pregnancy. The main reason is that they are worried that they will hurt the baby in the belly.We all know that sexual life is a way for husband and wife to communicate emotions. However, it is because of the particularity of pregnancy that the sexual life between husband and wife cannot perform sexual life normally, which leads to the crisis of the relationship between the couple. Many marriage problems are in their wivesDuring pregnancy.From a scientific perspective, in the middle of pregnancy, it is possible to perform proper sexual life when the physical conditions of the pregnant woman are allowed. The frequency should be controlled 1-2 times a week.Don’t hurt your wife and the fetus in the belly.There are still many benefits of husband and wife in the same room during pregnancy. These benefits may make you unexpected!

1. It is conducive to enhancing the relationship between husband and wife and physical and mental health

Sexual life during pregnancy should be based on emotional prenatal education. This will perfectly integrate the love and sexual desire for the baby. The whole process will be full of love, and the prospective dad will not be too strong because of excitement.With physical exchanges, both the couple can feel each other’s love, and their feelings will be better.At the same time, the husband’s semen contains a semen cells, which has antibacterial function comparable to penicillin, can kill pathogenic bacteria and other pathogenic bacteria, and can also clean and protect the vagina of his wife.At the same time, it can soothe the mood of pregnant women and make pregnant women feel better.

2. Make your baby smarter

By the end of pregnancy, the placenta has been formed in the mother, the fetus is also stable in the mother, and the pregnancy response during early pregnancy will be greatly weakened, and the mood of pregnant mothers will become very good.At this time, the secretions of the private parts of the pregnant mothers will increase, and the sexual desire will rise. At this time, the proper sexual life can be performed between husband and wife.In the process of sexual life, the uterus of the pregnant mother will shrink, and the blood will be concentrated in the abdomen of the pregnant mother, so that the blood around the uterus is sufficient, bringing more oxygen and nutrients to the baby, and helping the baby’s developmentEssenceAnd research shows that proper sexual life during pregnancy will be smarter after birth. Do n’t worry too much about the effect of amniotic fluid. The baby also likes the feeling of this uterus contraction and shaking.It’s right.

Third, it helps to give birth

A proper sexual life during pregnancy can promote a hormone in the body of the pregnant mother -oxytocin.The release of oxytocin is also prepared for the cervix to prepare for childbirth, which will help give birth.Under normal circumstances, sexual life is more dangerous. If the physical fitness of the pregnant mother is better, and it is not produced for more than 41 weeks, it can be given this artificial way.

Although there are many benefits of sexual life during pregnancy, they must also be carried out in the case of the physical condition of the pregnant mother, and it is necessary to be able to stop too much!

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