Why are more and more women who can’t get pregnant?Doctor: Most of them are related to these 3 factors, don’t ignore

A research data survey shows that nearly 6 to 15%of husbands and wives in my country cannot be given normally due to the influence of infertility.For each 6 couples, one pair cannot be completed without clinical help.

The so -called infertility refers to that the husband and wife have normal sex and have never taken contraceptive measures.However, after more than 1 year, there is still no successful pregnancy, and in this case, it is infertility.

The causes of infertility are quite complicated. For example, men with obstacles and problems with sexual ability will affect pregnancy.In addition, if women have the following three problems, they will also affect conception:

1. Factor pelvic factor

Clinically in my country, nearly a third of women who cannot have children are actually affected by fallopian tube diseases.You know, fallopian tubes are important places for sperm and eggs to meet and combine.If there is a lesion in the tubal, it is likely to cause infertility.

For example, common congenital fallopian tube malformations, rhodium blockage or adhesion, water accumulation, etc., can affect the discharge and binding of eggs.As a result, in addition to congenital factors, gynecological inflammation, repeated abortion, poor living habits, etc., are also the culprits behind them;

2. Polycystic ovary syndrome

This kind of disease must have heard of women in life that it is a female endocrine and metabolic abnormal disease at the stage of high incidence and fertility.After the disease occurs, patients may have chronic ovulation (ovulation dysfunction or completely lost), excessiverogens ofrogens secretion, etc., and use irregular menstrual cycles, infertility, and strong body hair as the main symptoms.

Not only that, there are related research and surveys that the polycystic ovary is still the main risk factors of type 2 diabetes, cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, gestational diabetes, and endometrial cancer;

3. Uterine factors

The uterus is the only place where fertilized eggs develop into a fetus. If there is a problem with the internal environment of the uterus or other diseases, it will affect the development and survival of the babies of the embryo.

Judging from the current clinical information, congenital uterine malformations (such as patients have single -corner uterus and bipolar uterus), acquired endometrium polyps, uterine fibroids, endometrial cancer, endometrial tuberculosis, etc.It will also affect embryonic development.

In addition, in the uterine disease, there is also a "endometriosis", which is also one of the causes of infertility.In my country, nearly 25 ~ 35%of infertility women are due to internal diseases.

In addition to the above three disease factors, about 10%of infertility people are normal, but all inspections are normal, but it cannot be given normally. This is the infertility of unknown causes clinically.

All in all, there are many factors that cause infertility. Different infertility factors are different.If the husband and wife have not been pregnant, it is necessary for the two to seek medical treatment in time.

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