Why can’t I be pregnant, I only have a dream!Don’t be too accurate

Many things in the world are unknown. For example, mothers’ birth dreams are accurate, one is amazing than one.

Han Ying: In the early stages of pregnancy, dreamed of helping himself beside a sedan, waiting for another sedan, the twin daughter [Yeah]

Pea flower: When I was pregnant, I dreamed of hugging the cute little goat home. When I met a little white rabbit downstairs, I was so cute, so I hugged it.Later, there was a voice asking, don’t you do it?When I said, I went home with the sheep and the rabbit, thinking that sheep and rabbit were daughters.As a result, the dream was a super big praying mantis flying to me, scared me to death, drove away and flew over again.Don’t catch it.Later, a pair of dragons and phoenixes [covering face], the daughter was like a rabbit in a dream, white and fat [cover face] [cover your face] [cover your face]

Xiaomeng: The three -month B -ultrasound is a girl. Later, she dreamed of the Guanyin Bodhisattva who was compassionate. She told me that your mother and in -laws hope you have a boy. I will change it for you!Later, a boy was really born

Liu Xiaolin: When my mother was pregnant with my brother, my grandma dreamed that a special black boy stood in front of my house and had to go in. The neighbors couldn’t let in. Later, I came out of the house and told them, ", I led the door, but my mother gave birth to my brother, and it was quite dark [flashed by light]

Hua Luohua: Dreaming during pregnancy, holding a girl standing in front of my bed, I woke up all of a sudden.A few days later, the man hugged the girl in front of my bed and threw the child on me, and I woke up.

Little: The baby dream is really amazing. When I first dreamed of my big belly, I went to the hospital for examination, but I was holding a two -year -old girl in my hand.She asked me: Mom, what happened to my brother?I said my brother was fine.Do you still think that I was not pregnant?But naturally she called my mother, and I agreed.Then I really gave birth to a daughter and had a younger brother when my daughter was two years old.

Cat Little: When I was pregnant, I dreamed that I was wearing big red clothes. A cow chased me behind and was awakened. I told my mother that my mother said that you must be a boy, and then it is really a male treasure.

Feng Qingyun: Can I say that I dreamed of turquoise caterpillars?On my wrist, I couldn’t get rid of it. I checked it that it was a girl, and there was a month and a half.

Summary: After watching the birth dreams of the treasures, I felt believed in an instant.

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