Why can’t you go to the grave to burn the paper in Qingming Festival?

Introduction: It’s almost the Qingming Festival. In this spring, it is not only suitable for everyone to have more suitable places to go to the green and play, but also a special holiday event to let everyone have such a fixed time to worship myself to the late late.The loved ones can go to the pre -sacrifice of the tombstone of the old relatives to express their sorrow for them.

Every year, when the Qingming Festival is almost the same, all the students who go to school will lead to the heroic monument in the school and the teacher, and the wreaths and white flowers that have been carefully prepared before are dedicated to the entire city that we used to be.The people’s heroes who are in danger and are not oppressed by the powers present their valuable lives.

At this time, whether it is normal time or happen to arrive at the martyr’s monument in worship.The ceremony of such a sacrifice of martyrs gave himself a deep memory.

So, for many pregnant mothers who are already pregnant, is it suitable for going to the grave to burn paper during the Qingming Festival?The answer to this question is of course.It is only different in the form of sacrifice and sweeping. Pregnant mothers who need to go to the grave must pay special attention to some matters.As for the matters of the pregnant mother who went to the grave during the Qingming Festival, we will talk about it next.

1. The concerns of the Qingming Festival sacrifice to sweep the pregnancy mother

In fact, like many pregnant mothers who are worried during pregnancy, in our city and village, the cemetery will be very far away from the residential area.Not to mention the Qingming Festival during the peak period of the flow of people, that is, it is more laborious to go to the cemetery to see the late loved ones in ordinary days.

Not to mention on the car for a long time, many buses and buses that can reach the cemetery are basically a site where the cemetery is far away. If you want to go to the tombstone where your loved ones are located, you have to take a long way.It is very inconvenient for pregnant mothers during pregnancy.

Then when the late loved ones are sacrificed, many places still maintain a very traditional approach is to burn paper.In this case, it is very unsuitable for pregnant mothers in the special period. Strong smoke will make the whole person very uncomfortable, and will strongly reflect the severe cough.

2. Adopt a suitable civilized sacrifice and sweeping method

During the pregnancy, if it was caught up with the festival of the sacrifice of the Qingming Festival, it was possible to go to such occasions as a pregnant mother.Just when you go, you can buy some flowers and loved ones when you are alive. You do n’t need to use burning paper, etc. to produce air and environmental pollution to sacrifice them.

You can discuss when you are preparing to go to the sacrifice scan, and arrange the time to go to the cemetery in a period of time with a small flow of people. When you go, try to arrange the transportation of travel.Make pregnant mothers more comfortable to do.Walking on a busy section of relatively safe and not traffic.

When worshiping the late loved ones, everything you need to prepare is discussed in advance. For things that affect your body and mood, you can put forward your own ideas and let your relatives around you know your situation.During the pregnancy, if the pregnant mother handled well with her family, she could also do the ceremony to miss their loved ones.

Key tips: The Qingming Festival is a traditional Chinese festival in China, and it is also for more family members to have time to see their late relatives in such a special day.Although the deceased has left us, their thoughts have never gone.

Today’s topic: Will you worship the late relative’s cemetery during pregnancy?

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