Why did the expectant mother become a "dozed insect" after pregnancy?Isn’t it sleepy or on the way to sleep?

After pregnancy, each woman will have different pregnancy reactions. Some pregnant mothers will be disgusting, lose their appetite, and some are weak and lethargic.

After having a baby in her belly, many expectant mothers have found that they love to sleep more and more. They are either sleepy every day or on the road of sleepy … if they are not careful, they will become dozen bugs.

My girlfriend is like this. It didn’t take long before she was pregnant. Now every time I chat with her, she hasn’t said it for a long time, and she yawn.

My girlfriend asked me about this person, why would she become so drowsiness after she was pregnant?

I believe that many pregnant mothers are similar to Qi Qi, especially in the early pregnancy (1 to 3 months of pregnancy), expectant mothers, so today we will talk about those things that pregnant mothers are sleepy ~

1) Pregnancy reaction after pregnancy

The survey shows that after pregnancy, 70 ~ 85 % of women will have different degrees of pregnancy reactions, and nearly half of women will have pregnancy.

Nausea, vomiting, and loss of appetite are the pregnancy reactions of most pregnant expectant mothers. Always pregnant vomiting can make the pregnant mother very tired.

In order to regulate this burden, expectant mothers will allow expectant mothers to restore their spirit with sleeping ~

2) The influence of body hormone

After the pregnant mother’s belly has a small guy, the body is not harmed in order to protect the little cuteness, so she starts to secrete progestable to prevent abortion.

However, there is advantages to disadvantages. The side effects of progesterone will make expectant mothers often feel tired and unwilling to move, so that they always feel sleepy.

3) Body temperature rises and warm the ocean

Experts said: After pregnancy, women’s body temperature will increase by 0.3 ~ 0.5 ° C, but it will not exceed the normal body temperature of the human body.

After the pregnant mother is pregnant, the metabolism of the body has accelerated, and the body temperature of the whole person has risen. When the expectant mother is always in a sense of warmth, the whole person will become sleepy ~

In fact, it is normal for pregnant mothers to be sleepy, so there is no need to worry too much, just face it correctly.

时间 Pay attention to time while sleeping 香

After the prospective mother is sleepy, she wants to sleep when she wants to sleep. She doesn’t have to endure it. She forces herself not to sleep. In the third trimester, she wants to sleep incense. Sometimes it is extravagant. It is always better to sleep than anyone else.

However, pregnant mothers should also pay attention to that the daily sleeping time should not be more than 12 hours, and excessive drowsiness is not very good.

It is recommended that expectant mothers just take a nap for a while, and it is advisable to 30 minutes.

舒 The sleep environment should be comfortable ♥

When the expectant mother sleeps, the sleep environment must be controlled. It should be comfortable, and the light, temperature, and sound should be adjusted.

卧 Try to take the sleeping position on the left side ♥

During pregnancy, pregnant mothers still try to take a sleeping position on the left side. Although it is not 100 % requirement, it still has to be as much as possible.If the expectant mother is afraid to change the sleeping position after falling asleep, put a pillow behind her back to support the power ~

According to the folk, if the pregnant mother loves to be sleepy, there is a little princess in the belly. If you do n’t love to be sleepy, it is a little prince. Many people are convinced and use it as a standard for judgment standards.

But in fact, this statement is "no scientific basis" is wrong!Many people think that it is precise because of mistakes.

So the expectant mothers just listen to the talks after the tea, don’t be too serious!

1. A lot of saliva

After many pregnant mothers, there will always be a lot of saliva in their mouths. Some serious expectant mothers even bring a small cup to put a special saliva, but the change of saliva is normal. Do n’t care if you do n’t care ~

Tips: Pregnant mothers can alleviate this situation by chewing wood glycol or eating candy ~

2. Increased number of times to the toilet

After pregnancy, many expectant mothers found that the number of toilet was significantly increased. This is because the baby in the stomach grows up and starts to compress the bladder, so the pregnant mother will become very frequent ~

Tips: Pay attention to expectant mothers, don’t always urinate, are not good for the body and fetus. If you feel, you still have to go to the toilet in time ~

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