Why did the postpartum mothers, why did they have back pain?Is it related to prenatal?How to treat it

More and more young women, because of low back pain, do not know what the reason for low back pain?I believe that many women have experienced back pain during pregnancy. Is the low back pain of Baoma and prenatal before giving birth?Dr. Kong talked to everyone.

We all know that under normal circumstances, under the influence of gravity, our waist is a vertical and vertical state; with the influence of pregnancy, from a month to ten months, the fetus is constantly increasing.It will be obviously moved forward with the waist, and it will cause a lot of pressure on the waist.”Hello, new life”

1. Is that just after giving birth to a child?Actually it may not be!

Most women still have back pain after giving birth.Because the mothers often hold the children’s posture in many cases, the pelvis of the whole person is still in a state of movement forward. With this kind of pelvis to support the child, it will cause the pelvis to change accordingly, thereby increasing the treasure, thereby increasing the treasureSymptoms of back pain.

Also, after the birth of the children, the mothers generally experience the abdominal rectus abdominis and the drooping hip muscles.The abdomen of the muscles has no strength and the gluteal muscles that are important as an important hip extension. This is a series of symptoms such as waist pain for the waist of the mothers.

2. What kind of physical structure does the mothers change?

Whether you are pregnant or holding a child, you will make the entire pelvis move forward. Of course, some human pelvis may be leaning forward, and some may be leaning back.For example, people who are leaning backward, the erector spine on the back of the waist, and the rectus muscle in front of the thighs are relatively weak; while the person in front leaning, the muscles of the abdomen and the hip muscles are relatively weak.Therefore, the physical structure of the Baomao is a huge change in different people.

3. The physical structure of the Baomao changes, what to maintain?

That is the core muscles of the waist and abdomen, but we must pay attention to it here. We have divided the core muscles into core and external cores.For example, the abdominal rectus muscles, oblique muscles of the abdomen, abdominal and external oblique muscles, buttocks of the abdomen, and the thoracic fascia on the back are the core part of the external part; and the deep abdominal muscles, the bottom muscle of the basin, and the fracture muscles in our abdomenThe diaphragm is the core part of the core.Only by coordinating and coordinating the outer core and the kernel can control the stability of the entire lumbar pelvis; if the external core or the core of the core encounter stability destruction, it will cause the pelvic-lumbar spine stability damage.

Therefore, only when the pelvis is in a relatively neutral position, when there is no forward movement, nor does it occur or backward or backward, our pelvic floor muscles and diaphragm muscles are relatively similar to the upper and lower ends similar to a barrel structure;Only in this state can it cause the pressure in the abdomen to be in a relatively balanced state, and it is not easy to cause back pain.

In fact, it is relatively simple, as long as it is treated with core treatment.Generally, many people’s cores are unstable, mainly because the diaphragm and abdominal muscles are not stable; so diaphragm muscle will be the focus of treatment.Of course, there is also the focus of the outer core of the thoracic and lumbar fascia and the illegal lumbar muscle.

1. diaphragm

Starting point: On the inner surface of the 7-12 rib cartilage, L1-L2 vertebral body, sternum sword, stop point: at the center tendon, function: mainly expand the chest cavity during inhalation.The lower surface of the rib bow can be released through the method, and the purpose of activation can be achieved.

2. Fascia

In our waist and abdomen, the oblique muscles in the abdomen, external oblique muscles, and the abdomen muscles constitute a cross -horizontal network structure, as close and strong as wrapped in the courier, and in the network structure of the waist and abdomenThe lumbar spine in the middle is stable. At this time, it is necessary to focus on the loosening of the back structure connected to it.

3. Washe wax muscle

The tension of the illegal lumbar muscle will lead to insufficient forward leaning and active hip flexion of the pelvis, which will cause compensation of the rectus muscle in front of the thigh.The muscle starts at the front of the horizontal projection of the 12th thoracic spine and the entire lumbar spine, so its tension will cause the pressure of the lumbar spine.

4. Strengthen the entire external core and core to stabilize the lumbar spine.

1. If you are a friend with a rectus abdominis, do not get up directly from the flat state. You should gathered the abdomen from both sides of the belly, that is, the state of the abdominal rectus is separated.Getting up; at this time, the rectus muscles and chest and waist fascia will be better adaptable without causing an increase in the separation of rectus muscles.

2. There is also the conversion between sitting and standing positions. It is also very important. We hope to change the standing and sitting position through the flexion and extension of the hip joint, not to change through the flexion and extension of the lumbar spine.

3. Holding the baby’s posture, many people like to hold face to face or hold on the side. If you don’t pay attention to, there will be pelvic forward movement, increased thoracic rear rear rear, or asymmetry of the left and right spine.For people with side hugs, it is best to alternate left and right when the opposite hand -assisted; and the use of auxiliary tools is also a good choice.

After giving birth to women, low back pain is more common, but because of ignoring this problem, many female friends silently endure, so that the children are 5-6 years old, and there are many postpartum-related pain problems.

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The relevant postpartum knowledge will be continuously updated in the future. If you are a postpartum mother, you can continue to pay attention!

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