Why did you get pregnant?Will pregnancy affect the fetus after taking the medicine?

In theory, the failure rate is 10%in theoretically, and the failure rate is 10%.The failure rate of the method increases with the time of taking emergency contraceptives, so the medicine should be taken as soon as possible after protecting sexual life.

However, in fact, there are often more failed pregnant people who encounter more formal use of emergency contraceptives in the outpatient clinic. This is why, that is, what causes the failure rate during use, even if the failure rate is used.Some people say that I am pregnant in strict accordance with the instructions that take the emergency contraceptives that take them within 72 hours after no protection of sex. Why are you pregnant?

The initial effect of emergency contraceptives is to push or prevent ovulation, so that the sperm misses the best waiting period, and naturally declines.The problem is coming. If the ovulation is pushed for 5 days or 7 days, then live again, if my dear male and female students think that I have used emergency contraceptives, you can no longer take contraceptive measures, then it is preciseMake an important mistake, and the safety period has become the most unsafe period.

Therefore, in addition to the second month, the correct use of emergency contraceptives must also be avoided before the next normally recover menstruation.The popularity is that after a emergency contraceptive, a condom must be used in the next time next time the menstrual life.

Note: The inhibitory effect of emergency contraceptives on ovulation will be directly manifested as the back -delay or bleeding of menstruation, so it is called to call on everyone not to use emergency contraceptives frequently.Because most of the emergency contraceptives are adolescent girls, they have to go with menstruation for 20 or thirty years, facing the problem of fertility.Therefore, long -term contraceptive methods should be accepted, including oral contraceptives, contraceptive ring, contraceptive needle, subcutaneous buried implants, and so on.

Does pregnancy after taking emergency contraceptives have an impact on the child?

There is a problem with pregnancy whether to take emergency contraceptives, whether it is the method of failure or or failure, and it is good for those who do not want children to do not want children.But it is very painful for some people who love their children to cherish themselves, because they are afraid of drugs and other problems.

In fact, this problem WHO gave a statement about Zuo Nuo Peridone emergency contraceptives a few years ago. It is pointed out in this statement that there is no data that no data is prompted to take the drug after childbirth.The abnormal rate and neonatal complications have increased, which means that the children who fail the contraception of Yuting can continue to be pregnant.For Mifeitone, there is no sufficient data to show whether it has an impact on the embryo.

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