Why did you just see that he did not know, but others saw it at a glance?

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The cousin told me in WeChat, my cousin, you do n’t know how magical today, I just checked that I was pregnant, for more than two months, my stomach was not obvious at all.When I went to take the bus, there was no vacancy. I thought it was not too far, so I stood for a while.Aunt next to him saw the girl, you are pregnant, you sit here, I will get out of the car immediately.I was stunned, and hurriedly asked my aunt to be too good. My belly was flat. What do you see that I am pregnant.The aunt said, I am a person over, and at a glance, I can see the pregnancy smell on you.

The cousin said that everyone was full of fire eyes. Maybe some pregnant mothers did not know that they were pregnant, but they saw it at a glance.For my cousin, I was taken for granted. Although I was also a baby who had given birth to a baby, I thought that I did not have the eyesight in this area.But I can also judge more contact.But there are many such experienced aunts around me. As long as I get in touch with a little contact, I can judge whether the woman is pregnant.So why can others see when some people are pregnant and they don’t want to tell others that others can see at a glance?Because they have hidden pregnancy.

Way of walking

Many girls walk before they are pregnant, and they are so hot that they walk quickly. If they are happy, they can’t help bouncing.However, there is still a fetus in the belly after pregnancy. Many pregnant mothers will slow down unconsciously. When they walk, they will become very careful. Walking a bit out of eight, the shoes on the feet are also consciously replaced with a comfortable and light bottom bottom.shoe.If you walk in a lot of people, you will consciously cover your stomach. Even if the pregnant belly is not obvious, it is also a subconscious protection.At the same time, when you stand, you will unconsciously touch your stomach.These unconscious actions that belong to the pregnant mother are the unique pregnancy taste of pregnant mothers, and experienced people can see at a glance.

Nausea, pregnancy vomiting and other reactions

Pregnancy is not only a relatively obvious symptom of early pregnancy, but also a basis that others can easily judge.If the pregnant mother touches a little greasy on the dining table, she starts to vomit, runs to the bathroom, or suddenly talks about it, and she is not doubted.

Change in dress style

This pregnancy taste is only a friend and colleagues who often contact the pregnant mother.If a girl used to dress tight and sexy dress, she also prefers to dress all kinds of dressing.But recently, I suddenly like to wear loose, comfortable clothes, and often go out for plain face. Most of them are because of pregnancy.

Taste changes

Most of the pregnant mothers will change more or less after pregnancy, as long as people around them observe carefully.For example, many women usually do n’t eat hot and sour. After pregnancy, they like to eat sour or spicy.Many women usually eat and eat what they eat. They eat whatever they want, but they suddenly become particularly careful. They are particularly available. Experienced people can definitely guess that they are pregnant.

What are the most obvious symptoms after you are pregnant?


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