Why do cats have diarrhea?Find the reason why you can easily heal

The shit officer’s daily life is not to shovel and feed. The shovel is not happy every day. The psychological activity during shit may be–

What is so yellow today?

Today’s Baba is too bad?

Isn’t it yet?


As long as the cat’s excrement is visible, the shovel officials will definitely be clear about the defecation of the master.

My cat uses tofu sand, and I can know the stool at a glance, and the shit activity at some moment is simply a nightmare.

The stinky stink to the extreme, soft and not shaped, and when it was shoveled, it will also leak out of the parcel of cat litter and the gap of the shovel …

vomit!(A roar of sadness)

I believe that many shovel officials can resonate, because cat diarrhea is a more common problem.

It is common, and its extent is also divided into severity. Everything must be proceeded from the actual situation. Neither can underestimate it nor too much worry.

So from these aspects, try to find out how swollen this is!Cat Baba’s real analysis of self -examination causes to resolve the cope with simple diseases

Cat diarrhea should be analyzed from the characteristics of Baba -in a real situation to make subsequent judgments.

The shoveling experience is no stranger to cats, but how to judge whether Bao is healthy from the subtle place?

Not much to say, let’s distinguish the previous "Waltim Herm Terring Score".


The figure below may cause discomfort. Do not check it during meals. Thank you for your cooperation.

Multi -map warning.Multi -map warning.Multi -map warning.




Level 1 ~ 1.5: dry, hard, is a sign of constipation

Level 2 ~ 2.5: Good forming, a healthy baba

Level 3: There are more water, not formed a little, but it’s ideal

Level 3.5 ~ 4.5: Soft stools that are not forming (divided into mild, moderate, severe soft stools in turn)

Level 5: Lares

Through the icon, you can simply distinguish between three different types of cats: healthy, soft, soft, and diluted. However, how to diagnose its smell, color, and accompanying symptoms.

Sour stinky, yellow non -formal stool:

This kind of stool is mostly caused by indigestion and milder symptoms, but it cannot be ignored.

This is more likely to occur than a kitten less than six months, and it generally does not cause cats to lose their appetite.

Therefore, starting from the diet, or using probiotics, etc. to regulate the stomach and stomach, you can heal.

Smelly, black dilute (liquid or asphalt):

Seeing this kind of stool should pay attention to check whether the cat vomits, or whether it is accompanied by fever, blood in the stool, heavy tongue coating, and conjunctival redness.

If there is one or more symptoms of symptoms, even blood and vomiting blood, the circumstances should be medical treatment in a timely manner.

It may be acute diarrhea, or chronic diarrhea.(From time to time, diarrhea that does not exceed two weeks is acute diarrhea, more than two weeks, but less than around the surrounding are persistent diarrhea, and chronic diarrhea is surrounded by surroundings.)

The above is just a preliminary judgment.

Generally speaking, pine sand, strip sand (tofu sand, corn sand, etc.) can more intuitively distinguish the state of stool.

If it is wrapped in a tight granular cat litter with pussy soil, you can find that the cats of the diarrhea can easily stick the bottom, or it may make the bottom of the cat sand basin stained with a shelled cat litter group like urine.The smell is smoked, and it is easy to disperse when it has not changed.

If the granular cat litter is used in a darker color, it is difficult to distinguish the urine. Once a cat is diarrhea, you can distinguish it through the odor;

Or put the cat sand group in a shovel and shake it a few times and break it, you should be able to determine whether it is not formed.

At this point, you should be able to judge what the cat’s diarrhea can be like, and then you will start to find out the reason.

There are many reasons for cat diarrhea. It may be a single factor or the result of multiple factors.

But when it comes to diarrhea, people’s first reactions are: eat bad belly?

Or: It’s cold?

Cats are no exception.indigestion

Suddenly, if there is no transitional period, some cats will indigestion and diarrhea. This is what the food is not tolerated.

Especially the kitten, two months ago (eight weeks ago) kittens, in addition to eating breast milk, are goat milk powder (or Shu Hua milk).

It is worth noting that it is just because of the diarrhea for changing food. Usually, cats will not show strangeness. They still eat, drink, and play, but they just do not take shape.

In addition, too much cat intake does not meet their meat, such as starch, can also lead to indigestion.When starch is through the digestive tract, amylase, lactase, maltase, sugarase, and diotrase are decomposed into a state where it can be digested and absorbed.Animals that lack these enzymes cannot effectively decompose starch, resulting in the accumulated unlimited carbohydrates fermented in the stomach, causing excessive growth of bacteria, resulting in excessive gas water in the gastrointestinal.

Cats such as natural carnivores lack such enzymes that can digest starch. Therefore, cats eat starch (and inferior cat food with high starch content) can easily lead to poor digestion of cats.Water stool.

There are other cases that make the cat with good spiritual diarrhea, such as:

Food allergies, cold weather causes cats to cool down, or environmental mutations cause cats to be nervous and anxious.

food allergy

The so -called allergies refer to that when the alien protein enters the cat’s body, the immune system in the cat’s body to some extent will mistakenly identify these proteins into foreignic invaders to resist.

The immune system’s resistance activity showed diarrhea on cats.

According to the research of BMC veterinarians, 10 kinds of foods that are easily allergic to cats include: beef, milk, chicken, wheat, soybeans, lamb, corn, eggs, pork, fish, rice.

Of course, this is not to say that cats cannot eat the above food, but to stop the intake of the above food when the cat has symptoms of allergies. Normally, cats with allergies of food are still relatively rare.envirnmental factor

In the season when the weather changes, the air is very likely to become cold. If it is time to keep the cat warm, some cats with low immunity are difficult to resist the invasion of cold air, and it will inevitably be cold.

The surrounding environment has changed suddenly, such as moving, new cats, etc., is a source of pressure for cats. If you are too nervous, you will also have diarrhea.

The diarrhea caused by the above points, usually (note that it is usually) yellow stools with sour stink, and sometimes asphalt -shaped black dung;

But as long as there is no bleeding, you can also adjust it from diet and nutritional care.Disease factors

Cat diarrhea caused by the above non -disease factors will be relatively mild, and diarrhea caused by diseases can be seriously achieved blood in the stool, causing attention.

If it is only a kitten, you need to vaccinate and deworm during about 6 months. In this way, the infection of virus or bacterial infections will occur less and the body will be healthier.

In the absence of vaccine and not deworming, it is likely to infect cat plague (infectious enteritis), or parasitic infections, which cause diarrhea.

1. Virus infection

Common virus infections are: infectious enteritis (cat plague), coronary virus, FIV, etc.;

Cats will have a fever, vomiting, stretching, stools pulled out of the stools, severe diarrhea and accompanied by blood wire or blood clots.

This disease is more contagious. The cat’s vomit contains a large number of viruses, which can survive for a long time and have a high mortality rate.

2. Parasitic infection or bacterial infection

Most of them occur on cats that are not deworming;

Parasitic worms will absorb the nutrition in the cat’s body, and also occupy the cat’s intestinal space;

Generally, common digestive tract parasites include balls and tapeworms, which are extremely harmful.

What needs to be determined is that diarrhea caused by disease may pose a threat to the cat’s life, and immediately seek medical treatment as soon as it is discovered.

If the cat’s diarrhea durates for a long time and the symptoms are more serious, you must first send it to the hospital for dung examination in order to get the right medicine more quickly.

In response to the cause of cats and non -disease causes, the following methods can be adopted: probiotics

Probiotics are suitable for mild diarrhea. Commonly used Mummy love, pets -specific K9 and FORTIFLORORA, etc. The high doses and the strains are as high as 1 billion as possible to play a better conditioning role.

Note a few points: Do not use antibiotics and anti -inflammatory drugs without necessary; at least the strains include eosinophilic lactobacilla, mouse liphbacterium, and diqi lactobacillus;Products of lithotrine and cellulose ingredients.

Bradil yeast

My home is always available for Jenoiblady yeast, which has good effects and stars recommend.

Common Bravia products include "100 million lives", Jarrow MOS Bula yeast, and so on.

In severe cases, effective emergencies method:

It is recommended to buy some No. 3 empty capsules. When encountering the constant stubborn diarrhea of the cat, you can fill a dozen of them;

Put the cats every 2 hours to stop diarrhea within 24 ~ 48 hours.


Antibiotics can cause permanent damage to cat’s intestinal flora.

It is only suitable for short -term, and it is best not to use it without necessary.

That is to say:

Use with caution!

Use with caution!

Use with caution!Monterbage scattered or plant fiber

This is a physical method for reinforcing cats. Plant fiber includes foreign car shell powder, pumpkin puree, etc. When cats are pulled out of water, it is also a method that can try to be solid.Vitamin B12

The lack of vitamin B12 will cause diarrhea, and diarrhea is also prone to the loss of Vitamin B12.

Vitamin B clan supplementing vitamin B in daily diet is already old -fashioned;

Similarly, here, you can do this when you meet a cat diarrhea.

Vitamin B will be added to my daily feeding. Except for the softness of the weather, cats rarely have diarrhea.

It is essential to want to come to vitamin B. The shoveling officer who did not replenish this nutritional element did not act!

Most of the cats with non -disease diarrhea can be cured. As long as you can find the lesion, step by step to provide cats with all efforts that can do, it must be fine!

Sometimes it is just to replace healthier foods for cats, such as canned foods and homemade meat, reducing the intake of high starch foods such as cat food, and cure the soft stool of cats.

I hope that all cats can pull out healthy babies!

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