Why do pregnant mothers always have back pain back pain?

I often listen to people talking about back pain after pregnancy, which undoubtedly makes pregnant mothers feel that pregnancy is a very hard thing.Whenever the pregnant mother is in the fifth month of pregnancy, this situation is quite obvious. What is going on?

1. Changes in the fetus

You may not have back pain when you are pregnant, but as the fetus changes in your body day by day.In the fifth month, most mothers feel back pain.The growth of fetal weight is compressed to the spine of your waist, which makes you feel tired.

2. Too tired

Some ladies also like to do many things after pregnancy.Every day I go to work, do housework, and lift heavy things like normal people.Prepare items for yourself and your baby.The necessities in the production bags such as three -dimensional sanitary napkins, maternal and infant waterproof pads, etc. are all prepared before giving birth.Many ladies are ready in the early stages of pregnancy.In fact, some things can be shared by family members.If you are too tired, you always make your back pain.

3. Shoes problem

In the early days of pregnancy, for the sake of beauty, they still insist on wearing high heels every day.One day, ordinary people will feel tired.Needless to say, pregnant women.The one -day walking position will make your back pain and back pain.Therefore, after you are pregnant, you can wear flat shoes well, so it is convenient and comfortable to walk.

4. Lack of calcium

Pregnant women will also cause back pain and back pain due to calcium deficiency and weak limbs.Pregnant mothers lack calcium in the body to lack calcium in the body.The correct opening recipe can be like this: pregnant mothers can usually eat more calcium foods.Such as foods such as shrimp and kelp.In free time, go out to expose the sun more appropriately and add calcium.Only in this way will it not affect yourself and the fetus because of the lack of calcium.

5. Sleeping posture problem

Inappropriate sleeping positions at night will also cause back pain.When you sleep, you can put some things under the two legs.In this way, blood circulation can be promoted.When you sleep, you can also use the side lying to reduce the burden on the waist.

After pregnancy, pregnant women will feel uncomfortable.Back pain is also normal.Usually, pregnant women can exercise appropriately, but do not excess.Eat more calcium foods every day to supplement nutrition.There must be a good way of lifestyle, lifestyle habits to relieve the discomfort caused by back pain.Pregnant mothers must not take medicine because of pain during pregnancy.It will cause bad reactions to yourself and the fetus.If you must take medicine, you must be a hospital for diagnosis, and seeing the pain caused by the cause.

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