Why do pregnant women have "fetal dreams"?Doctor: The reason is nothing more than 3 o’clock, the last one is very "magical"

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Regarding fetal dreams, literally, there is no doubt that the dreams made by pregnant women during pregnancy. Of course, there are also some women who have appeared before pregnancy.Essence

Whether it is Western and Eastern countries, they attach great importance to fetal dreams, so for a long time, fetal dreams have been unusual for pregnant mothers!

In the folk, there are countless claims about fetal dreams, such as in the dream of fetal dreams, the gender of the fetus, or the fortune after the birth of the fetus, etc.A layer of "mysterious veil"!

Of course, these claims are more superstitious and there is no scientific basis. So from a scientific perspective, why do pregnant women have "fetal dreams"?

1. Change of physical hormone levels

As we all know, after pregnancy, in order to cater to the development of the fetus, the level of hormone in the body will change significantly.

And some of these hormones will affect the brain function of pregnant women and change the way of processing the brain, which will lead to memory and emotional changes. Therefore, in this case, pregnant women often appear "fetal dreams", and dreams will meet.It is lifelike and frequent.

2. The psychological pressure of pregnant women is too great

October pregnant, once childbirth, this is a very long process, especially during pregnancy, pregnant women will accompany various pregnancy reactions, coupled with the transformation of identity characters, anxiety and concerns about childbirth, this series of factors of this series of factors, Will cause great psychological pressure for pregnant women.

And we often say: "Every day is thinking, there is dreams at night", in this pregnancy anxiety for a long time, it will be displayed at night, through the form of dreaming, and there will be a dream of fetal!

3. The psychological display of the "convergence" of pregnant women and the fetus

This statement is more "magical" and "novel". What is the psychological display of "remembrance"?In fact, simply speaking, the dream made by pregnant women is not necessarily caused by the psychological dynamics of pregnant women, and it may have something to do with the fetus.

On the one hand, pregnant women and fetuses, through the umbilical cord and placenta, plus the same in one, there is a close connection between the two, so it is not only nutrients, but also psychological dynamics.of.

On the other hand, there is a wonderful psychological effect, called "empathy", which is said to be between the fetus and the mother, which can be psychologically performed. According to scientists, the emergence of this phenomenon may be as the brain.One of the cells is associated, and the scientist gave the cell a name called "mirror neuron".

In simple terms, what kind of activity is produced in the fetus’s brain, so that the neurons of the pregnant woman’s brain will produce the same activity, as if they are in a mirror.

Therefore, some dreams may seem to be made by pregnant women, but in fact, it may be a dream made by the fetus. Is this a statement very novel and wonderful., Represent the most wonderful feelings between the fetus and the mother!

Seeing the reason why these fetal dreams appear, do you feel that pregnancy is really a fun and wonderful process?

Although the baby dream may have appeared in each pregnant woman, but if the dream is frequent and affects the quality of sleep, then pay special attention.

① Adjust their emotions and status: After many women are pregnant, they are often anxious and worried, so the quality of sleep is poor and easy to dream. Therefore, we must learn more about pregnancy.Adjust your emotions and status to the best, and face every day positively, and the quality of sleep may gradually improve.

② Drink less water 1 hour before going to bed: For pregnant mothers, good sleep quality can keep the body in the best state, so 1 hour before bedtime, it is best not to drink water. In this way, it will not be because it will be at night because of the night.It affects your own rest.

③ Create a comfortable sleeping environment: During pregnancy, creating a comfortable sleeping environment is crucial. Before going to bed, do not look at some horrible bloody pictures. In addition, the bedroom should try to ensure air circulation. The environment is quiet. Of course, of course, of course, of course, of course, of courseDrinking a glass of milk before going to bed also helps sleep quality.

Although the fetal dream during pregnancy does not have so many superstitions as the folk, it is also a particularly beautiful and wonderful memory for us. I hope that as a pregnant mother, you can experience the wonderful conclusion of the children with your children.The relationship, stable during pregnancy, gave birth to a cute baby.

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