Why do pregnant women have constipation? 4 small tricks for pregnant women with constipation.

Constipation is indeed a very painful thing. Because many geniuses have a stool once, there will be a dry stool. It is very laborious during bowel movements. It will also be accompanied by symptoms of abdominal distension and abdominal pain.For pregnant women, if you have constipation, it will be worse, which will have a serious impact on the patients. Let me talk to you about the problem of constipation of pregnant women.

Pregnant women are people who have been caring and protected. It is said that there should be no diseases, but why do constipation find a pregnant woman?Below, I will popularize the reasons for the constipation of pregnant women.

1. The influence of progesterone

After female friends are pregnant, the hormone in its body will change a lot, and progesterone will be secreted in the body. This progesterone will cause the intestinal sphincter to relax, which will weaken the intestinal function.Difficulty in defecation eventually triggered the constipation of pregnant women.

2. Lack of water intake

After pregnancy, female friends have increased demand for water.Because water has a key role in the development and growth of the fetus, it can not only promote blood circulation, but also have a good role in promoting the metabolism of the mother and fetus, which is conducive to excretion of waste in the body. Therefore, pregnant women must increase drinking water volume, Promote the digestion and absorption of food in the intestine and accelerate metabolism.

3. Decreased abdominal pressure

With the extension of pregnancy time, the uterus of the pregnant woman is gradually becoming larger, which makes the muscles of their abdominal wall relax. When the pregnant woman has a stool, but because the muscles of the abdominal wall are too relaxed, the abdominal pressure is too small.discharge.

I just introduced several common factors that caused pregnant women to constipation. So how should pregnant women regulate constipation once they suffer from constipation to alleviate constipation?Below I will popularize the number of conditioning methods for constipation of pregnant women.

1. Eat more fresh fruits and vegetables and miscellaneous grains

Many pregnant women pay too much attention to the intake of high -protein foods, and the intake of fruits and vegetables is less. This approach is very bad.Because pregnant women also need some vitamins and some dietary cellulose, pregnant women must also maintain a balanced nutrition, eat more miscellaneous grains, and provide some cellulose to the body. This will not only improve the immunity of pregnant women, Promote the smooth stool.

2. Pregnant women also have to exercise

Many people think that pregnant women can’t exercise anymore, they have to stay in bed, walk less, and don’t have any loss.In fact, this is wrong. Pregnant women should also do some exercise. The movement suitable for pregnant women such as walking and yoga can enhance the intestinal peristaltic ability, which is conducive to smooth bowel movements and effectively prevent constipation.

3. Drink plenty of water

Don’t wait for the thirst to drink water. Drinking more water can provide sufficient water for the intestine, which is conducive to promoting the intestinal peristalsis and conducive to defecation.

4. After breakfast, defecation

Pregnant women must develop the habit of timely defecation after breakfast every day. One hour after breakfast is the most suitable to be excluded. If you have, do not hold it.

I believe that after reading the text above, the majority of pregnant women have a deep understanding of constipation. I hope that everyone can maintain good living habits and eating habits, minimize the occurrence of constipation as much as possible, and escort the health of the baby in the abdomen.

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